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April 25, 2011
  • I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • My occupation is Baseball Umpire/Student
  • I am Male
"You're very well spoken. Intellegent, even. I can see that you care about your team and want to win, but my call will stay the same. It does not really matter to me what you think about me or my calls. I KNOW that I made the right call. See this uniform? it's different than yours. It entitles me to make all judgement calls and enforce all rules on this baseball diamond. So, therefore, my call will stay the same. By the way, you're ejected from the game.

-My ideal statement after someone argues with my calls when I am umpiring baseball.

Hi, I'm Leafsfanatic22. As my name states, I love the Toronto Mapleleaafs.

I'm a Canadian editor that is here to contribute to this wiki.

My goal in life is to become a newspaper editor, which is why you will see that most of my edits are fixing grammar, spelling puntuaction, and smoothing wording and sentences. I also umpire baseball in my spare time, which proves to be fun, and interesting.

Cheers, Leafsfanatic22

My favourite pages

Billy Grey

Johnny Klebitz

Phil Bell


To put a quote at the top of ever mission giving character in the GTA IV era.

Status: Complete

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