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May 4, 2013
  • I live in Vancouver, BC
  • I was born on November 11
  • I am Male
Bureaucrat I am a Bureaucrat on this wiki.

Message me if you have any problems or suggestions, or if you spot anything bad.
"Always regret the things you did, not the things you didn't."
―Family quote.
"Less of the old. I'm in the prime of my life."
Trevor Phillips
"Are you a professional moron, or just a gifted actor!?"
Carl Johnson

     Important: Due to work shifts, I might not be fully active from now on.
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As I am working 10 hour shifts Monday to Thursday, I will only be available;

  • FRIDAY (Occasionally) - 13:00-21:00
  • SATURDAY (Every week) - 12:00-21:00
  • SUNDAY (Every week) - 12:00-21:00

I will also be available on the following annual holidays;

  • New Year's Day (January 1)
  • Victoria Day (second last Monday of May)
  • Canada Day (July 1)
  • Labour Day (first Monday of September)
  • Canadian Thanksgiving Day (October)
  • Remembrance Day (November 11, not all day due to birthday)
  • Boxing Day (December 26)

Welcome to my page. For those of you who don't know me, I am Leon Davis, a Bureaucrat for the Grand Theft Auto Wiki. See below for what I can do if you need help. If I'm not available feel free to contact another member of staff.

  • Protect a page rife with vandalism.
  • Issue warnings, and if needed, bans, to reckless users spamming or ruining pages.
  • Delete unnecessary pages.
  • Give or remove user rights.

Leon Davis
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GTA Game Reviews

  • I: Never played- 0/10
  • London 1961: First one I played, as a "trying it out" occasion when it came out- 3/10
  • London 1969: Played it briefly, mediocre game- 2/10
  • II: Never played- 0/10
  • III: I liked the way they changed it from 2D to 3D, a lot better before other games came out. Still have it but rarely play it- 5/10
  • VC: Barely played but it seemed enjoyable- 4/10
  • SA: First proper game I played, my eldest got me into it back in 2008, I really enjoyed running around a huge map as CJ, and liked a majority of the vehicles. Had it until 2010, but left it behind when I moved to Canada, got another copy for PS2 in 2012. Still enjoy it today. All time favourite- 10/10
  • LCS: Preferred it to III, but didn't scratch the surface to SA, don't have it any more- 6/10
  • VCS: Preferred it to LCS, and came close to SA with flying and a good protagonist (although I had no problem with Toni but I preferred it when Michael Madsen voiced him)- 8/10
  • IV: I enjoyed the first PS3 version of GTA. The protagonist was funny due to his wise-cracks and short temper. Occasionally play it for its lengthy and enjoyable storyline- 8/10
  • TLAD: Horrible, awful storyline, terrible graphics, the Slamvan was nice as was the automatic 9mm & shotgun, and the sawn-off were decent weapons but the protagonist was awful and the only good part besides the few mentioned before was Jim (killed) and the clubhouse (burned down)- 2/10
  • TBOGT: Much better improvement from TLAD. Better protagonist, vehicles and weapons. Storyline could've been longer- 9/10
  • V: Very enjoyable, didn't live up to the hype in pre-release but was still a good a game. Storyline was more in depth but not very long, vehicles are great along with the added DLC ones (except the hipster and Independence Day vehicles, albeit the Blade). Could've been better- 8/10

GTA V DLC Ratings

  • Beach Bum: Not bad, I liked that everything was free but the vehicles were mediocre. 5/10
  • Holiday Gifts: Could've had a vehicle or two. Snow was nice but wasn't around for long enough. 3/10
  • Valentine's Day Massacre: Huge improvement, loved the Gusenberg and Roosevelt. Clothes were mediocre. 7/10
  • Business: The first update I really enjoyed. Great weapons (still use the Special Carbine as my "go-to-gun" during story mode and online), beatiful cars, one in particular, and great clothing. 10/10
  • High Life: Too similar to Business Pack. The rifle was okay, the cars were also too similar to the Business Pack but I liked the Huntley and Zentorno. Clothes were just like the Business Update as well. I did like the 2nd property option though. 7/10
  • I'm Not A Hipster: I'm definitely NOT a hipster so I hated this update. Weapons were poor, most of the clothes were bad and the Blade was the only cool car. 2/10
  • Independence Day: Weapons were fun (but I lost my Musket online after LTS), I liked some of the clothes but disliked the vehicles. Fireworks were fun too and the new houses were nice despite the garage size and identical interiors (but I stayed at 4 Hangman Avenue for about 5 months before returning to Tinsel Towers for garage space). 6/10
  • Flight School: No weapons being added was annoying, and the vehicles were mediocre. Flight School was nearly impossible but paid well. One $50,000 flight suit for clothing, not cool. 3/10
  • LTS: I liked the Furore and the combat outfits, particularly fingerless gloves, but the rest of the DLC was mediocre. 4/10
  • Festive: This one took too long to arrive but with the enhanced release, it's understandable. The Slamvan looked nice but handled awfully, the Rat-Truck also looked nice but had the same problem. The race-cars weren't significant but an extended snow run and added extras made this than it's predecessor the year before. Third property was a hassle because I am yet to have three full garages but I have three condos (Eclipse Towers 40, Tinsel Towers 42 and Integrity Way 28). 8/10
  • Heists: Don't get me started. No vehicles featured in Story Mode, it has made the game glitch too much, the heists are near-impossible. The Kuruma is my new favourite sedan though! 2/10
  • Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1: Some of the content was enjoyable but another super car that was not so super, two exsisting vehicles with different paintjobs and a crappy gun, the Windsor, Stirling GT and the new Virgo were nice, as well as the more formal clothing added to Online. Only one issue though; the prices. $2,000,000 for a car slower than the other super cars? No thanks. 6/10
  • Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 - Better weapons, worse clothing, vehicles about the same, Chino, Blackfin and the T20 were nice cars, the others including the not-too-much-speed-boat, that ugly Coil offroad monstrosity and the Vindicator were terrible. Everything was far too expensive again, but I liked The Lab more than I thought I would. 7/10

Vehicles & Weapons

3D Universe



HD Universe





Least Favourites

Friends and Allies

  • Tom - fellow Bureaucrat and football fan, always on hand to help
  • Smashbro8 - another fellow Bureaucrat, known him since I became a Patroller in August
  • Andre - a good editor, very keen to help.
  • Sam - works hard on the wiki, very helpful
  • WildBrick - a great editor and patroller.
  • Alex - I've worked a lot with Alex, I also recommended his promotion, which he deserves.
  • Monk - the user to go to for car info.



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