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Hello ! My GTW name is Loadingue, you already know this. But in real life, my first name is Paul !! (believe it or not) I live in a small town in southern Belgium.
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Maybe you think that I don't speak English very well ? No wonder, I usually speak French (by the way, I never use any translator, I do everything myself !). If anybody doesn't understand me, please leave a message ! More important : if someone sees that a text I wrote is poorly-written, please correct it (or/and send me a message). Thank you.
==My work for GTW==
I just love those interesting details that most people don't care about which are called "Trivia". I mostly do the default radio stations (from GTA Vice City to Episodes from Liberty City). I'm also interested in vehicles, Beta vehicles and radio stations.
==About me==
Do you know mods ? Yes, modifications. I've got over 500 downloaded mods on my computer. That's not much. I also make mods, but I've never released them.
So now, here are the GTA games I have :
===GTA III (PC)===
* Most favorite radio station : Double Clef FM
* Most favorite vehicle : Yakuza Stinger
* Most hated vehicle : Esperanto
===GTA Vice City (PC)===
* Most favorite radio station : Flash FM
* Most favorite vehicle : Stinger
* Most hated vehicle : Voodoo
===GTA San Andreas (PC - PS2)===
* Most favorite radio station : Master Sounds 98.3
* Most favorite vehicle : Hustler
* Most hated vehicle : Manana
===GTA Liberty City Stories (PS2)===
* Most favorite radio station : Flashback FM
* Most favorite vehicle : Phobos VT
* Most hated vehicle : Perennial
===GTA Vice City Stories (PS2)===
* Most favorite radio station : VCFL
* Most favorite vehicle : Deluxo
* Most hated vehicle : Regina
===GTA IV (PC - PS3)===
* Most favorite radio station : Liberty Rock Radio 97.8
* Most favorite vehicle : Sabre GT
* Most hated vehicle : Primo
===The Lost and Damned (PC !!!)===
* Most favorite radio station : Liberty Rock Radio 97.8
* Most favorite vehicle : Angel
* Most hated vehicle : Hakuchou
===The Ballad of Gay Tony (PC !!!)===
* Most favorite radio station : Vladivostok FM
* Most favorite vehicle : F620
* Most hated vehicle : Serrano
OK, that's all. For now...
Any question ? Any idea ? Anything ?
Leave me a message, or visit my [[User talk:Loadingue|talk page]].

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