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November 15, 2008
  • I live in London, England
  • I was born on April 22
  • I am Male
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Message me if you have any problems or suggestions, or if you spot anything bad.
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I am the final boss.
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Hi, I am Dan and I reside near London, England. While I haven't edited content on this wiki for a few months now, I am usually on here for personnel related tasks. I will return to content editing once GTA V is released.

My Wikia Information

I've been editing on Wikia since 2008 and I can usually be found on the following wikis:

Friend and Allies

Since this seems to be a profile trait on here, I will name my friends on this wiki. The only person I can consider a very close friend on here is Jeff. Me and him have known each other since 2007, and while we disagree politically, we mostly get along very well. I also consider Tom a friend.

Now for my allies. Practically all of the staff on this wiki are my allies. Despite whether I have bad views about any of them or not, which thankfully I do not, I will always back them up whenever I agree with them.

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