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My name is James i am a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto so i joind this amzing Wiki! I am not new to Wiki i have my own on another account that is very popular I am also very skilled when it comes to editing.

Grand Theft Auto Games I've played

Vice City, Liberity City Stories, Gran Theft Auto IV, China Town War's, San Andreas, The Ballad of Gay Tony, Lost and Damned, and Grand Theft Auto III. My favorite game out of all of these is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas mostley because it's the biggiest and has more things to do with in the game not to meantion more places to play around in and who could forget thesecrets and mysterios that the game has.

My Sig

Groove st Mr.Grand Theft Cjgreen if you need help with making a sig feel free to ask!

Other Wiki's i am on

I can be found on Dragon Ball Wiki, Dragon Ball War's Wiki, and Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki, but i don't use this account o those Wiki's my username for those Wiki's is Supreme Gogeta. I am the creator on Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki and Rollback on Dragon Ball Wiki. I am not on War's Wiki anymore but i am a Beurocat there.

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