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<div style="float:right; margin:10px;">__TOC__</div>
= Notice =
I gave up to writing GTA3:Scarlet Canon, because of copyright, popularity, etc. I written that just for Rockstar-I want to make them to sequel of GTA3 era-, but...Yeah, they can't hear unintentional.
= Side Mission Project =
Nothing. Rockstar don't support Mission Editing Tools(like Campaign Editor of Starcraft), so just make the ideas of side story, side mission, minigame, etc. Just like DLC.
These are applied with GTA2 ~ GTA4, <font color="red">only PC.</font> And these are just <font color="56A0D3">assumption "how about [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas|GTA:SA]]/[[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars|GTA:CW]] system applied with GTA3, VC, etc.(GTA2 is too different, so that's exception but add little things)"</font>.
Note : Side stories are removed, because they're not possible.
== Navigation ==
* <font color="lime">Lime text = Protagonists</font>
* <font color="cyan">Cyan text = New Major Characters</font>
* <font color="yellow">Yellow text = New Minor Characters</font>
* <font color="fuchsia">Fuchsia text = New Places</font>
== <b><font color="orange">GTA:SA</font></b> ==
=== System ===
* CJ can give(not take) a call, but cannot to specific person. If CJ uses cellphone, selectable activities are displayed on the right of screen. You can play side missions or call service(emergency, backup, cars, etc.).
* CJ can recruit named gangster of [[Grove Street Families]] after specific Side Mission. If CJ have at least one named member, CJ can call them to backup. If CJ have no one, general member arrived.
=== Side Mission/Minigame ===
* '''Gone with 60 Seconds''' - Steal cars and bring to specific places. You can play use cellphone.
* '''[[By Myriads of Swords]]''' - Locate and kill targets who disgraces, only with [[Katana]]. Only in [[San Fierro]].
* '''[[Most Wanted]]''' - Same with before.
* '''City of Jobs''' - Sets of [[Side Missions]]. Go to specific places or use [[Phones]]. Each missions are occured random.
* '''Deleted Scenes''' - What if stories of main missions are changed?
※ See also : [[User:Mr.Korean/GTA3]]
== <b><font color="56A0D3">GTA4 era</font></b> ==
GTA4 side stories/missions follow [[Endings in GTA IV|<font color="limegreen">'''Deal''' ending</font>]].
=== Side Mission/Minigame ===
* '''Deleted Scenes''' - What if stories of main missions are changed?
* '''[[Higgins Helitours]]'''(Luis) - Bring passengers or packages to the destination. Sometimes Luis must fight with rival company, <font color="fuchsia">Rivers Tour Service</font> [[Dodo|helicopters]], for the income. Resemble with [[Club Management]].
* '''Bad Delivery'''(Johnny) - Steal truck with goods/drugs from driver, disguise and deliver that truck to client.
* '''Night Watcher'''(Johnny) - Do time attack in specific highway or course. Time of race always midnight. Opponents are 0 ~ 3. Sometimes Clay and Terry are appeared as opponent.
* '''Solitary'''(Niko) - Similar with 'Assassin Assignment' in Assassin's Creed series. But all targets are related with [[Petrovic Family|<font color="steelblue">Petrovic Family</font>]] and [[Pegorino crime family|<font color="chocolate">Pegorino Crime Family</font>]], etc. Who give mission is [[Little Jacob]].
==== Solitary ====
* <font color="chocolate">Tommy Acspalton</font> - Adminstrator of Construction Site. He is on construction site in [[Castle Gardens]] and has 4 henchmen.
* <font color="steelblue">Wayne Noddingley</font> - Manager of delivery company. He is on garage in [[East Hook]] and has 3 henchmen.
* <font color="chocolate">Jethro & Stan Kant</font> - Hitmen of Pegorino Family. They're on korean restaurant in [[Alderney City]] and has 2 henchmen.
* <font color="steelblue">Leszek Filipowski</font> - Leader of human trafficking gang. He is on ship named "Czarina" in north of [[Northwood]] and has 10 henchmen.
* <font color="steelblue">Burton McNerny</font> - Leader of counterfeit gang. He is on house in [[Beachgate]] and has 6 henchmen.
=== Upgraded ===
* '''[[Drug Wars]]'''(Luis) - Same with before, but drop-off locations always changed. And one variation is added, "Seizure". Luis have to steal drugs which is seized from other gangs. Of course, enemies in this mode are LCPD.
* '''[[Most Wanted]]'''(Niko) - Same with before but situations are more extensive. Sometimes you have to login internet for start mission or get in police vehicle.
* '''[[Taxi Driver]]'''(Niko) - You can play this mission after [[Roman Bellic]] is [[Mr and Mrs Bellic|killed]]. Call to <font color="yellow">Dave Crosby(Dispatcher of </font>[[Express Car Service]]<font color="yellow">)</font> and he'll give the mission if fare is exist(if not, he'll say "Sorry, there's no one."). Sometimes [[Mallorie Bardas]] is on the phone.
==== Most Wanted ====
Note : Their location is classified by color. <font color="74C365">Broker</font>, <font color="lightcoral">Dukes</font>, <font color="FF7E00">Bohan</font>, <font color="73C2FB">Algonquin</font>, <font color="olive">Alderney</font>.
* <font color="lightcoral">Chimo Perfecto</font> - Jewerly Shop Robbery, Willis
* <font color="olive">Gertrude Kitting</font> - Counterfeit, Westdyke
* <font color="FF7E00">Malcolm Adebwe</font> - Drug Manufacture, Chase Point
* <font color="74C365">Alfie & Edna Hicks</font> - Kidnapping
* <font color="73C2FB">Fritz Lightbody</font> - Fraud

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