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I gave up to writing GTA3:Scarlet Canon, because of copyright, popularity, etc. I written that just for Rockstar-I want to make them to sequel of GTA3 era-, but...Yeah, they can't hear unintentional.

Side Mission Project

Nothing. Rockstar don't support Mission Editing Tools(like Campaign Editor of Starcraft), so just make the ideas of side story, side mission, minigame, etc. Just like DLC.

These are applied with GTA2 ~ GTA4, only PC. And these are just assumption "how about GTA:SA/GTA:CW system applied with GTA3, VC, etc.(GTA2 is too different, so that's exception but add little things)".

Note : Side stories are removed, because they're not possible.


  • Lime text = Protagonists
  • Cyan text = New Major Characters
  • Yellow text = New Minor Characters
  • Fuchsia text = New Places



  • CJ can give(not take) a call, but cannot to specific person. If CJ uses cellphone, selectable activities are displayed on the right of screen. You can play side missions or call service(emergency, backup, cars, etc.).
  • CJ can recruit named gangster of Grove Street Families after specific Side Mission. If CJ have at least one named member, CJ can call them to backup. If CJ have no one, general member arrived.

Side Mission/Minigame

  • Gone with 60 Seconds - Steal cars and bring to specific places. You can play use cellphone.
  • By Myriads of Swords - Locate and kill targets who disgraces, only with Katana. Only in San Fierro.
  • Most Wanted - Same with before.
  • City of Jobs - Sets of Side Missions. Go to specific places or use Phones. Each missions are occured random.
  • Deleted Scenes - What if stories of main missions are changed?

※ See also : User:Mr.Korean/GTA3

GTA4 era

GTA4 side stories/missions follow Deal ending.

Side Mission/Minigame

  • Deleted Scenes - What if stories of main missions are changed?
  • Higgins Helitours(Luis) - Bring passengers or packages to the destination. Sometimes Luis must fight with rival company, Rivers Tour Service helicopters, for the income. Resemble with Club Management.
  • Bad Delivery(Johnny) - Steal truck with goods/drugs from driver, disguise and deliver that truck to client.
  • Night Watcher(Johnny) - Do time attack in specific highway or course. Time of race always midnight. Opponents are 0 ~ 3. Sometimes Clay and Terry are appeared as opponent.
  • Solitary(Niko) - Similar with 'Assassin Assignment' in Assassin's Creed series. But all targets are related with Petrovic Family and Pegorino Crime Family, etc. Who give mission is Little Jacob.


  • Tommy Acspalton - Adminstrator of Construction Site. He is on construction site in Castle Gardens and has 4 henchmen.
  • Wayne Noddingley - Manager of delivery company. He is on garage in East Hook and has 3 henchmen.
  • Jethro & Stan Kant - Hitmen of Pegorino Family. They're on korean restaurant in Alderney City and has 2 henchmen.
  • Leszek Filipowski - Leader of human trafficking gang. He is on ship named "Czarina" in north of Northwood and has 10 henchmen.
  • Burton McNerny - Leader of counterfeit gang. He is on house in Beachgate and has 6 henchmen.


  • Drug Wars(Luis) - Same with before, but drop-off locations always changed. And one variation is added, "Seizure". Luis have to steal drugs which is seized from other gangs. Of course, enemies in this mode are LCPD.
  • Most Wanted(Niko) - Same with before but situations are more extensive. Sometimes you have to login internet for start mission or get in police vehicle.
  • Taxi Driver(Niko) - You can play this mission after Roman Bellic is killed. Call to Dave Crosby(Dispatcher of Express Car Service) and he'll give the mission if fare is exist(if not, he'll say "Sorry, there's no one."). Sometimes Mallorie Bardas is on the phone.

Most Wanted

Note : Their location is classified by color. Broker, Dukes, Bohan, Algonquin, Alderney.

  • Chimo Perfecto - Jewerly Shop Robbery, Willis
  • Gertrude Kitting - Counterfeit, Westdyke
  • Malcolm Adebwe - Drug Manufacture, Chase Point
  • Alfie & Edna Hicks - Kidnapping
  • Fritz Lightbody - Fraud

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