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The Outatime car is a one-of-a-kind scientific wonder, capable of traversing the very fabric of time itself. The DeLorean time machine was unveiled to the world by the modders at in 1985, even though Vice City was not created until 2002. Ah, but you're not thinking fourth-dimensionally!


  • In GTA:SA, the default radio station that plays when entered is Vice City FM, which plays 80's music (mostly Huey Lewis and the News). However, due to some strange technical glitch, the on-screen name shown is "User Track Player".
  • Although the model in game has a 2015 barcode license plate, the original plate from 1985 was "OUTATIME", hence its nickname. However, since California license plates only allow up to 7 characters, this can be shortened to "OUTATYM". And if you looked at it in your rear-view mirror, it would say "MYTATUO". Amazing, absolutely amazing!

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