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Ferec - Helikopter05:16

Ferec - Helikopter

Logo This user thinks GTA is the best series of games ever
IV This user thinks GTA IV is the best GTA game
SA(Black) This user thinks San Andreas is the best GTA game
NikoLiberty This user thinks Niko Bellic is the best protagonist
Untitled621 This user wants to believe in myths
MinigunGTAV This user thinks that the Minigun is the best weapon in GTA.
RocketLauncher-GTA4 This user thinks that RPG 7 is the best weapon in GTA.
55px-RadioX.jpg This user thinks Radio X is the best radio station in GTA San Andreas
70px-VladivostokFM.png This user thinks Vladivostok FM is the best radio station in GTA IV
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Google Chrome This user uses Google Chrome.
Icon pc This user thinks that PC is the best platform for GTA
PlayStation 2 This user is a proud owner of a PS2
Music This user listens to music
1coca cola This user drinks Coke

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