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January 9, 2012
  • I live in Hinckley, UK
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  • My occupation is Playing GTA
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Hello! I am NoseyFruitcake3d and i have been a fan of GTA, i don't know what i time i did, i have both Xboxs an Xbox and an Xbox 360! I wanna contribution on this wiki! I know what to do! I always do good! I always check things on GTA and put it on!

This is my Xbox, but i have the unique white one.


Xbox360 This user is a proud owner of an Xbox 360
13 This user is 13 years old
SA(Black) This user thinks San Andreas is the best GTA game
IV This user thinks GTA IV is the worst GTA game
TBoGT This user thinks TBoGT is the best GTA game
TLaD This user thinks TLAD is the worst GTA game
CarlJohnson-Artwork This user thinks CJ is the best protagonist
NikoLiberty This user thinks Niko Bellic is the worst protagonist
LuisFernandoLopez-Artwork3 This user thinks Luis Lopez is the best protagonist
250px-Flag of England.svg This user is proud to be English
Firefox free icon 43px This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.

GTA Logo This user is a HUGE fan of the Grand Theft Auto series
Computer Icon This user thinks that PC is the best platform for GTA because of mods.

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Favorite Game GTA III Era: San Andreas GTA IV Era: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Favorite Player GTA III Era: Carl Johnson GTA IV Era: Luis Lopez

Favorite Guys GTA III Era: Sweet, Catalina, Woozie, Big Bear, and Kent Paul GTA IV Era: Gay Tony, Yusuf Amir, Ray Bulgarin, Timur, Ahmed, Marki Ashvill, Monique, Henrique, Papo and Armando

Favorite Vehicles GTA San Andreas: Greenwood, Dune, Mothership, AP Sadler, Sentenel (four door) and Black Sterch GTA IV: Roman's Taxi, Virgo, Lokus, Sabre GT, PCJ 600, Sterch, Steed, Admiral and Patriot GTA TLAD: Regina, Slamvan, Hexer and Zombie GTA TBoGT: Sterch E, APC, Buffalo, F620, Bullet GT, Bati Custom, Vader and Oracle

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