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November 11, 2011
  • I live in U.S
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is Working, playing games, and currently on my way to college
  • I am Male
Ray boccino
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Hey guys I'm Jake but otherwise Ray, Ray Boccino the capo from GTA IV. I've been huge fan of GTA ever since GTA III came out so thanks for letting me join the team. First of all I'm a huge fan of Real Madrid I've been ever since I was a child and my favorite player has always been Iker Casillas.

Favorite Characters

Top 7 GTA San Andreas characters

Top 8 GTA Vice City characters

Top 5 GTA III characters

Top 10 GTA IV characters

Top 5 GTA: TLAD characters

Top 7 GTA: TBOGT characters

My Assignments

  • Videos on every mission page
  • Fixing errors
  • Streets
  • Places such as police stations
  • Weapons

Favorite Protagonist

  • Carl Johnson- He's always been the best for me, he is one of the most badass characters, and also the first protagonist to show emotion and the funiest, if you want a protagonist that has muscle, stamina, and pilot skills it's CJ .

Top 5 GTA Games and others

As a GTA fan i've like almost every GTA game by far, but five of them always had have a place in my heart

  • Top 4: GTA IV
  • Top 3: GTA Vice City
  • Top 2: GTA V
  • First Place: GTA San Andreas

But I haven't forgotten about this other three which are very great games


Well GTA Advance, GTA I and GTA 2 I've actually played but they have never felt like GTA to me for some reason.

Games I Have

The following games listed are the games I own:

  • GTA SA
  • GTA VC
  • GTA IV and it's episodes


GTA Series ratings

  • GTA III - 92%
  • GTA VC - 97%
  • GTA SA - 100%
  • GTA LCS - 90%
  • GTA VCS - 91%
  • GTA IV - 99%
  • GTA TLAD - 97%
  • GTA TBOGT - 98%
  • GTA V - 100%

Other Series of games

  • Red Dead Redemption - 95%
  • L.A. Noire - 90%
  • Red dead Revolver - 79%
  • Bully - 82%
  • Max Payne - 85%
  • Max Pay 2 - 87%
  • Max Payne 3 - 95%
  • Midnight Club L.A - 94%

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