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August 10, 2013
  • I live in Middle Park East, Algonquin
  • My occupation is N.O.O.S.E Operative
  • I am Male
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Jake Burke, N.O.O.S.E Agent of Algonquin 

I am a member of the N.O.O.S.E force, I crack down on tough crime - jobs that the LCPD can't do. Me and my car are called in whenever there is an officer down, terrorism or when there is a sale on doughnuts.

We serve, We protect, We conquer.
NOOSE Cruiser


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My History

Early Life

I was born and grew up in North Holland, Algonquin to a poor family. My Dad sold fake items of clothing to dumb tourists or cheapskates for cash, and my Mum used to dress up like a dancer of some sort and walk around the streets at night. I had two brothers, Callum and Derrick, both older than me, they were always getting into trouble by the LCPD, possession, burglary, and shoplifting. Nothing major - I was the first in our family to actually attend school, when I mean school, I mean I was tutored by Mr. Dawkins next door. He was smart and old, I remember his home smelling of cigars, you'd get used to it after a while, it was an overall pleasant childhood.

Teenage Years

After my education was over, I was kicked out of the house. I thought I was going to become homeless forever, until my brother found me, I went to live with him, he taught me life lessons I wouldn't even begin to think about. After a while, he gave me some shady cash and this paid for my college funds, I even wanted onto enrol in University! After a long and hard thought process, I wanted to study Law and even become a Police Officer - My brother didn't think positively towards that idea but that didn't stop me. The world was my oyster.


When I was around 17, I got into trouble with the LCPD as I refused to give a witness statement concerning an armed Laundromat Robbery. My sentence was 62 days of Community Service.

Starting Out

Wow, getting into the LCPD Academy was tough, but I sure did pull through, months passed until I received my admission letter. I couldn't wait to sweep the streets with a gun and badge. When I found out, I took the subway to the Academy in Hatton Gardens as quickly as possible, I didn't even have much time to pack! But I sure as hell didn't want to stay in my brother's mansion forever, plus we didn't see each other around the house as often as we previously did. He like to create excuses. During the LCPD training course, I excelled through it beating other peoples scores by dozens of points. They called me a Patriotic and a Prestigious Example. All I did was giggle.


Would you believe it? I finally became an LCPD Officer! I returned home to see my brother, he was gone. The neighbour across the road informed me of his arrest just last week, he was charged with Possession and Trafficking. This burden couldn't halt me, I had to continue, I made several arrests prior to my few months in the force. I quickly ranked up miraculously, I was living my dream and it was good. The Chief soon recognised my potential and signed my up for N.O.O.S.E (National Office Of Security Enforcement), I got in to that too - everything was going to plan.


This is where I'm up to in life, I have no clue how things will turn out. I guess you'll find out later.

My Stats (In Role)

  • Name: Jake Burke
  • Age: 32
  •  Place of Birth: North Holland, Algonquin, Liberty City
  • Occupation: N.O.O.S.E
  • Hobbies: Literature, Art, Blogging
  • Likes: Cluckin' Bell, Classy Clothing, Maisonette 9
  • Dislikes: Burger Shot, Scruffy People, Comrades Bar

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