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April 1, 2012
  • I live in London, United Kingdom
  • I was born on November 4

Hey there visitor, thanks for taking a look on my page!

So you might be here because you want to know more about me so let me begin; so I'm playing GTA since I was 6 yes that's right and I still love it. GTA Vice City was the first that I've played and I think that had one of the best cities but GTA San Andreas is my favourite and I still play it. I'm also a modder in the GTA community, I began as playing with simple textures via a texture editor then I modfified the map with map editors and later on I became a proper modder I created a server and scripts for SA:MP then I modified vehicle models and released them however on my private site. After about a year I've now had proper mapping skills and I was also a data editor, in 2009 I've learned sound editing and had made some basic sound mods. Then after summer 2009 I became un-active in the modding community and started playing GTA IV because I had time to play GTA IV 24/7 after that I joined the main gaming community but still played on GTA on other players' mods. In 2010 I made a major return but still did not release mods but I've created my most popular server I'm sorry but I forgot the name of it but it was my most visited server. In spring 2012 I've started working on my newest server which had my best script in it and it has the best atmosphere in all of other SA:MP servers; there's timecycle, weather changes, the train comes and leaves train stations, same with airplanes and you can use all of them and thease make the server feel like a living, breathing city. I have reccently upgraded my 3D modelling skills and to complete the list I can now animate. I'm also making mods for GTA IV, I can also do all of these things except scripting and animating.

I would love to help you in any way if you got questions about GTA modding(or other games) or game/program developing I can give you lessons for C++ and PAWN, moddeling in 3DS max or Zmodeler etc. or you need help in anything else I'm here to help in anything absolutely EVERYTHING from picking up girls to nerdy things.

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