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Ben Leone was born in Vice City as Ben Stephenson. His father had smaller businesses around the city but he grew up in Little Havana however he was strongly against his friends when they ask him to join the Cubans instead by the time he was four years old a family friend Tommy Vercetti introduced him to Ken Rosenberg who moved in Las Venturas in 1992 and worked for the Leone Crime Family.

By 1996 he comitted petty crimes to fly to Las Venturas in the hope of finding Ken Rosenberg however he did not find him but while he was searching he met Salvatore Leone who then treated him like his own son and helped him look for Ken through Los Santos (3D Universe) and San Fierro however they did not find him and Ben moved to Liberty City with them in the hope of a new life.

Adult life In Liberty City

As Salvatore Leone has been murdered in 2001 he continued his teen age life with Joey Leone and changed his surname to Leone and as Joey became the Don of the Leones he became the under-boss of the Leones by 2007 Joey Leone died and Jimmy Pegorino controlled Liberty City. By 2010 he met Luis Fernando Lopez and had his life back on track. In 2013 he started recruiting the members of the Leone crime family in the hope of re-establishing the mafia.

Grand Theft Auto: Online

As soon as he arrives in Los Santos he starts re-establishing the Leone crime family and starts robbing operations in order to claim a name to the Leones in Los Santos.


His personality is not to violent but if somebody says anything bad about his loved ones he will kill them with no regret but as his parents did not show any love for him he does not like talking about them nor want to see them ever again. He will kill any man who gets in his way but he will feel a little sorry for the pedestrians he hits. He takes out anybody who messes with the Leones.


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