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Rodrigo X

aka Rodrigo Medeiros

  • I live in São Miguel Island, Azores
  • I was born on July 20
  • My occupation is gaming
  • I am a motherfucking raver with the hardstyle flavour
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I first started playing Grand Theft Auto in 2005, with San Andreas. It is my favourite game of the series and I still own it and play it for the PS2 to this date.

In the PC, I enjoy playing GTA: SA in multiplayer. Started with San Andreas Multiplayer in 2009 (my first YouTube videos were recorded on it) and transitioned to Multi Theft Auto five years later, were I played medeiros at the SAUR Utopia RPG server. Nowadays, I play GTA V and GTA Online through Steam.

Below is a list of GTA games I own.

PlayStation 2



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