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Hello, I'm SanFierro2903! I live in Melbourne, Australia
Hello, I'm SanFierro2903! I live in Melbourne, Australia
==My Grand Theft Auto==
These are the GTA games that I've played:
* [[Grand Theft Auto 1]] (PC)
* [[Grand Theft Auto III]] (PC)
* [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]] (PC)
* [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] (PC)
* [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]] (PSP)
* [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]] (PSP)
(No, I ''haven't'' played [[Grand Theft Auto IV|GTA IV]] before! Shut up!)
===My Top 3===
'''1. Grand Theft Auto III'''
GTA III tops my list, because it revolutionised the open world gaming industry. It also revolutionised the Grand Theft Auto series. It brought a whole new level of story and character to the games that was largely absent in the prior games.<br>
'''2. [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]'''
San Andreas brought a whole new array of features that haven't returned since (although most of which will return in [[Grand Theft Auto V]]). These include lots more flyable aircraft, parachuting, and tons more. There's so many mini games and things to explore like girlfriends, gambling and even triathlons. I can't believe all the mini games, map size, vehicles and missions even fit on a single PlayStation 2 disc.<br>
'''3. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories'''
This was the first GTA I ever played properly, and I owe my love of Grand Theft Auto to this game. I met the characters we know and love in this game: [[Toni Cipriani]], [[Salvatore Leone]] and [[Donald Love]] to name a few. After finishing LCS I went on to play III and then met the future versions of those people and saw the differences between their 1998 and 2001 selves.
===My Favourite Maps===
These are my favourite GTA cities from most favourite to least:
1. [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City (III)]]
Though its not the biggest, nicest or most realistic, through the entire GTA III Era, I've grown to love Liberty City.<br>
2. [[San Fierro|San Fierro (San Andreas]]
I like the feel of San Fierro, and the look of the houses. I like the way Rockstar reflected San Francisco into a fictional city, and the GTA counterparts of different places in SF (Doherty = Dogpatch, Queens = Castro, etc.)<br>
3. [[Las Venturas|Las Venturas (San Andreas)]]
Again, I like the way Rockstar re-imagined Las Vegas into a fictional form. Unlike many stereotypical recreations of Las Vegas, Las Venturas isn't full of casinos and resorts. It has a residential and major industrial side, which most people ignore.<br>
4. [[Los Santos in GTA III Era|Los Santos (San Andreas)]]
I like the realism in Los Santos, but I think it's kind of
5. [[Vice City|Vice City (Vice City)]]
I didn't like Vice City (the map) much. I didn't like the roads - they were hard to get around and confusing. It wasn't like in Liberty where it more or less follows a grid. I didn't like the buildings, especially in [[Little Haiti]] and [[Little Havana|Havana]]. What I ''did'' like was the game and missions' creative use of the map though, like in [[G-Spotlight]].

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Hello, I'm SanFierro2903! I live in Melbourne, Australia

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