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September 3, 2012

Hello, I'm SanFierro2903! I live in Melbourne, Australia

My Grand Theft Auto

These are the GTA games that I've played:

(No, I haven't played GTA IV before! Shut up!)

My Top 3

1. Grand Theft Auto III GTA III tops my list, because it revolutionised the open world gaming industry. It also revolutionised the Grand Theft Auto series. It brought a whole new level of story and character to the games that was largely absent in the prior games.
2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas San Andreas brought a whole new array of features that haven't returned since (although most of which will return in Grand Theft Auto V). These include lots more flyable aircraft, parachuting, and tons more. There's so many mini games and things to explore like girlfriends, gambling and even triathlons. I can't believe all the mini games, map size, vehicles and missions even fit on a single PlayStation 2 disc.
3. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories This was the first GTA I ever played properly, and I owe my love of Grand Theft Auto to this game. I met the characters we know and love in this game: Toni Cipriani, Salvatore Leone and Donald Love to name a few. After finishing LCS I went on to play III and then met the future versions of those people and saw the differences between their 1998 and 2001 selves.

My Favourite Maps

These are my favourite GTA cities from most favourite to least:

1. Liberty City (III) Though its not the biggest, nicest or most realistic, through the entire GTA III Era, I've grown to love Liberty City.
2. San Fierro (San Andreas I like the feel of San Fierro, and the look of the houses. I like the way Rockstar reflected San Francisco into a fictional city, and the GTA counterparts of different places in SF (Doherty = Dogpatch, Queens = Castro, etc.)
3. Las Venturas (San Andreas) Again, I like the way Rockstar re-imagined Las Vegas into a fictional form. Unlike many stereotypical recreations of Las Vegas, Las Venturas isn't full of casinos and resorts. It has a residential and major industrial side, which most people ignore.
4. Los Santos (San Andreas) I like the realism in Los Santos, but I think it's kind of 5. Vice City (Vice City) I didn't like Vice City (the map) much. I didn't like the roads - they were hard to get around and confusing. It wasn't like in Liberty where it more or less follows a grid. I didn't like the buildings, especially in Little Haiti and Havana. What I did like was the game and missions' creative use of the map though, like in G-Spotlight.

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