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July 1, 2013
  • I live in I woke up in a new Bugatti
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is Technical engineer
  • I am Male

Hey guys,this is actually Sean Siew the actual person with this username.I lived in Malaysia.I was born in the 12th August 1998.I am an Asperger syndrome diagnosed person.I am pathetic,no friends in school.I was always being picked or underestimated by girls and bullies,as most of the girls hated me.My favourite food is Potato,fish,spaghetti,fruits,vegetables and chicken.My most hated part in GTA Online is NPCs driving aggressively and when Personal Vehicle gets destroyed,I have to waste my money.

My favorite vehicles

  • 9F (for racing and winter usage due to presence all-wheel-drive system)
  • Adder (for highway runs and winter usage due to the presence of all-wheel-drive system)
  • Baller (2nd Generation;handles better than it's precedessor in GTA IV,Huntley Sport and also high top speed for highway runs)
  • Banshee (for getaways from cop chases due to amazing handling)
  • Blista (for racing usage due to good handling and acceleration)
  • Carbonizzare (amazing acceleration)
  • Cognoscenti Cabrio (for collection)
  • Dominator (for highway runs)
  • Entity XF (best handling in its class,racing usage)
  • Exemplar (best handling in the 4-door class)
  • F620 (for collection due to rarity)
  • Felon (amazing top speed)
  • Feltzer (amazing handling for an RWD car)
  • Gauntlet (amazing handling and top speed)
  • Huntley S (best acceleration and handling and winter usage due to high traction)
  • Infernus (GTA V's model has great traction,acceleration and top speed)
  • Issi (amazing top speed for highway runs)
  • Massacro (for highway runs)
  • Oracle (powerful V8 engine/being based on BMW my favourite car manufacturer)
  • Rocoto (amazing handling and top speed)
  • Sentinel (amazing handling)
  • Sentinel XS (amazing handling and great top speed)
  • Surano (amazing top speed)
  • Turismo R (based on LaFerrari,performs like its real life counterpart)
  • Voltic (used for missions due to sound-free)
  • Zentorno (best car in my opinion)
  • Zion (great handling for a sports Coupé)

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