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July 30, 2013

Hello,fellow user,and thanks for visiting my page.

GTA IV,SA and VC turned me into a geek and gamer. Since I have waited for my GTA IV for 2 years,I finally purchased nVdia Geforce GT 610,which enabled me to play GTA IV,that's why I love it so much.I had no card with a DG31GL in my PC,after going to the shop,when he told me that no graphics will fit your computer,I was horrified."But... I have a DG31PR for sale." I told him that "I got my HP Compaq Dc7100 SFF from my father's office,and I will bring it tomarrow." it was a P4,so the man told me that "it would be better if I got graphics in my Core 2 Duo.So it was set up.I got to play GTA:EFLC,and I did not like it much.Since in my drawer for 2 years,the GTA IV disc 2 was dameged.I could only play GTA EFLC.But then,I tried applying tooth gel to the scratch on my DVD,and it worked wonders.And that's the reason I like GTA IV the most,even if GTA Sa has some things not in IV.

I think IV has the best storyline and protagonist.Waiting for GTA V to release for PC.I would like you to answer this on my talk page:Do you think there will be a GTA VI? And yes,I am poor so I am not going to build a new rig anytime soon.Even late.But hey,I can run all GTA games till now.As covered in waranty,my GT 610 died and was replaced with an HD 5450.

Use no swear words on my talk page,por favor.

my system:

China board,since there was no processor compatible motherboard after I bent the pins of LGA 775 of DG31PR

Core 2 Duo E7300


Radeon HD 5450

160 GB HDD

Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit

Thanks for reading this!

My Friends\Fan Of

Thomas0802,for telling me to make this section,a friend and a fan for top contributor.My first comment on here was on his Talk Page.

More soon! There are a lot of good people to meet online.So are bad people.But most users here are good people.

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