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My favorite Grand Theft Auto V character. Can't wait for the game to come out!

Hi, I am Smashbro8! I am a huge fan of the grand theft auto games especially, Grand Theft Auto:Vice CityGrand Theft Auto IV, and The Ballad Of Gay Tony.  Sadly, I have not played Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas. I also  greatly enjoy Grand Theft Auto V. I am also looking forward to helping out this wiki. If you need to ask me anything concerning GTA IV, GTA V, or The Ballad of Gay Tony (since I barely even remember GTA Vice City), please message me on my talk page! Good luck and enjoy Grand Theft Auto!

About me and GTA

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Favorite Songs

  • Mr. Vegas- Mus Come A Road
  • Ron Browz- Jumpin Out the Window
  • Raheem Devaughn- You
  • Kanye West- Flashing Lights
  • Busta Rhymes- Where's My Money
  • Johnny Polygon- Price on Your Head
  • Fat Joe and Lil Wayne- Crackhouse
  • John Legend- Green Light
  • Busta Rhymes- Conglomerate
  • Kanye West- Love Lockdown
  • Freeway- Carjack
  • Consequence- I Hear Footsteps
  • Skyzoo- The Chase Is On
  • Talib Kweli- My Favorite Song
  • Saigon- Spit
  • Lloyd- Get It Shawty
  • RAMP- Daylight
  • Jill Scott- Golden
  • Alexander O'Neal- Criticize
  • Loose Ends- Hangin' on a String

GTA Gallery!!

GTA vs. Saints Row

I am also a humongous Saints Row 2 fan, which was obviously GTA IV's rival. However, there are things in both games that i didn't like. Again, these are my opinions, you do not have to agree with them. 


  • GTA beats Saints Row 2 obviously in the collisions with the cars. 
  • GTA IV wins with the better radio system. 
  • The cars are more realistic looking. 
  • You can access the Police Computer and take out Street Criminals or violent gangs, as well as Most Wanted criminals, while in Saints Row 2 you cannot. 
  • Strippers actually give you lap dances :D! 
  • Taxi Rides are more entertaining. 
  • Cruising with cars in this game are more fun!
  • The Cover System is a fun and stealthy way to attack random people or enemies. 
  • You can travel on Subways while in Saints Row 2, you cannot.
  • Highways  are more realistic.
  • Rare vehicles either have a specific spawning point or just spawn much more often than Saints Row 2's rare vehicles. 

Saints Row 2

  • More weapons
  • More melee weapons
  • Different fist fights depending on how your player is made. 
  • More explosives
  • GTA IV did lack the amount of fun activities that existed in the previous GTA games and Saints Row 2 such as Firefighter, Ambulance, Taxi, etc. Other old vehicle missions i wish existed in both games such as Burglar and Trashmaster missions. 
  • Custom made protagonists!!! 
  • Saints Row 2 police are less harsh and scary. In GTA IV and its DLC i like to commit crimes but I am afraid of the cops since they are too smart. I can easily cause lots of mayhem and survive a five star wanted level in Saints Row 2, but I will even die at three stars with ease in GTA IV.
  • In Saints Row 2, you cannot get three stars for shooting/killing a cop, unlike GTA IV. 
  • I cannot get busted in this game unless I am knocked down within an officer's reach. 
  • I keep all weapons if busted. 
  • There are more enterable buildings and places to explore in Saints Row 2 than GTA IV. I can access the airport's interior (and even take planes away from there), the police headquarters, a few hotels, an underground cave, a prison island, a Nuclear Power Plant, a mountain, the university area, suburbs,random building rooftops (good areas to snipe), malls, lighthouse, court, beach various casinos, nightclubs and strip clubs, etc.
  • No four star wanted level for accessing the runway of the game's airport. 
  • Cops are less likely to get pissed off and come after the player in this game than in GTA IV where the slightest thing you do attracts police attention.
  • There is more to do such as assassinate a list of pedestrians, go bananas in the Mayhem activity, finding secret areas, spraying people with a Septic Tank cannon, destroying a bum's territory, mission strongholds, defeating all cops in the police headquarters, vehicle derby, etc.
  • More hidden objects to find such as CDs, spray tagging spots, and secret areas. 
  • Heat Seeking Rocket Launchers! So awesome! 
  • It is more fun to snipe people with in this game. 
  • I do not need Body Armor in the game, for my health regenerates after not being harmed for a few seconds. 
  • It is easier to escape police because wanted levels vanish automatically if refusing to commit any more crimes, instead of escaping a search radius in GTA IV. 
  • More stuff to destroy in this game than in Saints Row 2. I can destroy vending machines, explosive trailers, trees, you name it. 
  • The player can pick up many objects and use them to attack people or enemies. 
  • You can hire ally gang members to help you fight during missions or random gameplay. 
  • No friends call the player constantly, unlike in GTA IV. 
  • It is much easier to collect or earn money in Saints Row 2 than in GTA IV. 
  • You can make your own playlist in the game so that all your favorite songs in the game play on one custom made radio station. 
  • More gangster-like feeling in the game, due to amount of weapons and their abilities, the ability to use drugs, and also building up a gang empire. 
  • Robbing Stores and mugging pedestrians exist. 
  • Car and gang customization!
  • Pedestrians do slightly more activities in this game than in GTA IV. 
  • Stilwater of Saints Row 2 is prettier than Liberty City of GTA IV (day and night cycle). 
  • The player sprints faster in this game than in GTA IV. 
  • Many different unlockables exist in this game such as infinite ammo, infinite sprint, random rare vehicles, etc. 
  • More safehouses
  • Lots of cars in the game can be stored in the game's garage at various safehouses instead of the few two-car residential parking for GTA IV (therefore forcing characters to pick cars to store wisely). 
  • I am also more threating and difficult to defeat (my opinion) in Saints Row 2 than GTA IV. 

However, I believe GTA has finally defeated Saints Row since Saints Row 3 was a crappy, sad disappointment and Saints Row IV seems to be almost just as dull and bad as its prequel. Grand Theft Auto V on the other hand, looks extremely exciting and less likely to be disappointing than Saints Row's cartoony, more rated E (though ESRB places it as M) crap. 

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