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  • I live in Predeal, Romania
  • I was born on June 26
  • My occupation is Flash Game Developer
  • I am Male
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GTA3 era expert. Game developer and reviewer in real-life.
GTA3 era expert. Game developer and reviewer in real-life.

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File:Newgrounds Dad by TieSeiT.jpg

GTA3 era expert. Game developer and reviewer in real-life. I'm here just to make sure people get correct information about GTA games.

I own only GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas and I played them long enough to know absolutely everything about them and the interconnections in the GTA III era. I have basic knowledge of the events in GTA VCS , LCS, GTA IV and even GTA 2. I am not intrested in newer series , like GTA IV and it's expansions or even Chinatown Wars, but GTA V does make me drool all over my keyboard.

I accomplished some things in the games  I own as "personal archievements", such as punching a Rhino until it explodes in Vice City, while it is following me throughout the city, or landing on a police helicopter with the jetpack while it is flying in San Andreas, and I once tried to complete San Andreas only using the Sawn-off Shotgun and melee weapons. I succeded.

I'm especially good at modifying game files such as the vehicle handling file. I balanced and released a modded version of Vice City in the past. I also tweaked the handling and timecycle files in GTA San Andreas, making the draw distance bigger and some vehicles faster/lighter than they should.

I am ashamed to admit that there is one single mission I can  not beat without cheating. It's the mission N.O.E. in GTA San Andreas. It's just too annoying, so I use the slowdown cheat to have time to fly to the needed location and back without getting military jets on my back, altough I can easily complete it when I modify the handling file and increase the plane's speed from 190 mph to 420 mph.

Other than that, I can provide extensive walkthroughs for every mission in GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas for both fair-players and cheaters. Just please don't ask me about Stunt Jumps/Unique Jumps. I'm awful at those.

As another personal archievement, I noted the population given to each city in Rockstar games I own and murdered ten times more people than those cities' population in each game. In total, in all savefiles  I have, I've murdered a total of 72 million people. And I'm not mentioning savefiles  I exported or deleted.

I knew of the wikia from it's begginning, but at first it was untrustworthy and lacked most information, while I myself wasn't even a good player in any of those games. In time I became an expert . So if you or the wikia needs more info, just ask.

Also, I'm proud to know Liberty City, Vice City, Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas better than my tiny hometown which numbers barely 4000 people. I never get lost in them while I do get lost in my town.

I've recently worked on a fanfic for a medieval game in which I made a parody of GTA Vice City in a medieval fantasy setting. Worked perfectly, altough I had to remove a number of missions and the free-roaming part.

Also, I made some kind of roleplay about an imaginary GTA game with missions in my hometown. So far I included about 200 missions. This imaginary game has me as the protagonist working for the fictional Westside Barons gang, who rule about 4% of the town, and fight the Balan Clan, who owns pretty much all the rest.As I climb through the criminal ladder in the city, I also work for a Mayor-wannabe, a priest, a soccer team coach, a tiny gypsy clan, a corrupt cop, an italian mobster, a fat arms dealer, and a security  company. After a while I get betrayed by the leader of the Barons and get shot. I wake up 6 months later in the house of one of the few surviving Barons after a complete Balan takeover and have to start it from scratch. If the game ever becomes the storyline of a real game, prepare for rocket-launching helicopters blasting the City Hall, trying to take down the player. Just so you know, it's completely insane. Five seconds from the start of the game the bank getts robbed and you slaughter the thieves.

Also, I'm not English ( My name is actually Alex. Don't ask why I put "Steve Greg", but I will answer to any of the three) so please excuse spelling mistakes and bad understanding of certain phrases.

I will not be visiting this website often so please contact me either by e-mail ( ), Facebook ( ),  or Kongregate ( ) .

Steve Greg (talk) 00:06, March 10, 2013 (UTC)

My favorite pages

  • Mostly anything about GTA III, GTA Vice City or GTA San Andreas, altough I also edit bad spelling and trivia for GTA 2, GTA VCS, GTA LCS, GTA IV and GTA V.

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