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I'm SuperbowserX. That is my name on other wikis out there, but my name on YouTube and Bulbapedia is "Subscriber0101" (I got my SuperbowserX name banned from both places once so I made an alternate one). I make random edits here and there.

How I got into Grand Theft Auto? Well my cousin had GTA4, and I quickly got into and got self-immersed into that game and sonner it's episodes and San Andreas. Man, you will have a hard time enjoying the GTA 3 Era games if you play GTA 4 Era first... I had such a hard time dealing with the frustration you face in GTA3 that you'd only realize is a frustration in -- oh wait, I'm rambling.

I can't guarantee that I'll be checking this page much, so you're best off just messaging me on YouTube ("Subscriber0101") if you wish to talk to me.

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