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==Where I'm at==
==Where I'm at==
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<u>Madness Combat Wiki</u> []
<u>Madness Combat Wiki</u> []
<u>Left 4 Dead Wiki</u> [] - Under construction
<u>Left 4 Dead Wiki</u> [] - Under construction

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G'day, I'm TehBenshiGuy, 15, from Sydney, Australia. I've lurked this wikia for a long time and thought I'd make a decent page. I make edits here and there, but mostly use this wiki as a resource. I own GTAIV on Xbox 360 and play it often in my spare time/when I am bored. Because I have played it frequently, I can now be told to go somewhere in Liberty City and know the exact route to take: in other words, I know the city like the back of my hand.


Where I'm atEdit

Madness Combat Wiki [1] Left 4 Dead Wiki [2] - Under construction

GTA IV favoritesEdit


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