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My name is Justin. You can call me Justin or Allen. I edit Wikias. I edit Red Dead Wikia, Call of Duty Wikia, and last but not least Grand Theft Wiki. I have always loved games and am glad I am a sorta- healthy young boy. :D

Things I like

Grand Theft Auto V: The Impossible Trinity (Fan Fiction)

It is a game I made. Its not REAL. So don't be thinking it. Its a story of how it continues into GTA eras including: GTA III eras, GTA IV eras, and topping it a GTA V era. The playable character is Packie McReary with a Johnny Klebitz animation. It starts off when Packie WANTS to get Gerald McReary out of prison to keep the McReary family up and running. But with his older brother inside. He decides he cannot do it by himself. With the help of old GTA protagonists. He bieleves he can get his brother out of prison.

A total of 79 missions in my imagination.

A total of 50 vehicles. Including airplanes, humvees, boats, and much more.

Animals/Hunting grounds

Weapons - Fist, Knife, Baseball Bat (Wooden), M9 Beretta, Jericho 941F, Micro-Uzi, MP7A1, SPAS-12, AA-12, AK-47, M468, Remington 700, M24, Molotov Cocktail, M67, Pipe Bomb, RPG-7V, AT4

Accessories CAN be added to guns - Suppressors, Grips, and Dual Magazines (Double ammo capacity) only one can be out on a gun. Not available on Explosives.

NOTE: This isnt a REAL Video game. If it was it would have been confirmed by Rockstar Games. Which wont happen.

GTA Games I Own

Grand Theft Auto IV

Platform: Xbox 360

Favorite Mission: Three Leaf Clover

Favorite Vehicle: Black Washington - A nice, regular car for a regular subarban life.

Favorite Feature: Getting Drunk - I love flying all over the place!

Favorite Weapon: AK-47 - A terrorist, #$$kicking, heavy firepower, rifle. Not much more to say.

Favorite Radio Station: Radio Broker

Rating: 9.3/10 *'s

Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned

Platform: Xbox 360

Favorite Mission: Collector's Item

Favorite Vehicle: Hexer, Innovation - Nice bikes, stylish, one of a kind

Favorite Feature: The Lost Brotherhood - Brothers, Business, and Battles. Not much more to say.

Favorite Weapon: Sawn-off Shotgun - Two action-packed bullets of hellfire. Who woulda guessed it?

Favorite Radio Station: Liberty Rock Radio

Rating: 9.2/10 *'s

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Platform: Xbox 360

Favorite Missions: Not So Fast

Favorite Vehicle: Buzzard - OMG, HAX

Favorite Feature: Drug Wars - Blowing people up. 'Nuff said.

Favorite Weapon: AA-12 - Damn...

Favorite Radio Station: San Juan Sounds

Rating: 9.6/10 *'s

Favorite Characters

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