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March 23, 2011
Friendly Neighborhood Repo Man

Just your friendly neighborhood repo man here. Nothin' special.

Hello, let me start by saying I do not like you. I am a repo man. You are most likely not. You are probably my "core demographic" if you will. You are most likely an 18-to-45-year-old caucasian/hispanic/african american male who buys a car knowing damn well he can't make the payments. Then I gotta haul it back to the bank and/or dealership, and risk getting shot at, rammed, bludgeoned, beaten, and run over, all because you don't wanna part with your car, EVEN THOUGH you no longer legally own it and every second you keep it, you're commiting any number of crimes, including trespassing, grand theft, and fraud. I don't make the rules, I just enforce them because the police can't be assed to do it.

TL;DR Make your payments and don't shoot at me when I repo your car, or I will smash it up, say you did it, and you'll get thrown in prison for destruction of private property.

And now, my views on cars. I hate imported cars, ESPECIALLY Italian ones, only American steel here, none of that euroglass fiberobtic shattershit here, no sir. Only real american steel. Engiene belongs under the hood, not in the trunk.

Currently driving: Used 2007 Cadillac Escalade EXT (could be worse), black, white interior. Needs some moderate body work. Bought at a police auction. Converted into a tow truck for my job.

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