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Character Classes

Central Characters:

Main Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Minor Characters:

Unseen Characters:

Central Characters

Michael De Santa

Option A: Prologue - Something Sensible

Option B: Prologue - The Time's Come

Option C: Prologue - The Third Way

Michael De Santa is a retired bank robber, who, after making a deal with the FIB, moves alongside his family to Los Santos, where they live in a nice mansion. Unfortunately, his wife, Amanda, repeatedly spends his money. This causes him to return to criminal life once more, this time, aided by his old partner Trevor Philips and up-and-coming criminal Franklin.
Voiced by Ned Luke

Franklin Clinton

Option A: Prologue - Something Sensible

Option B: Prologue - The Time's Come

Option C: Prologue - The Third Way

Franklin Clinton is a young African-American man who dreams of becoming a big-time criminal in Los Santos, in a world where the glory days of street gangs has long passed. He works as a repo man for a luxury car dealership, but his ambition makes him tired of current status.

Franklin soon meets Michael, once a successful bank robber, and the two form a close father-son relationship. Alongside with Michael's friend Trevor, they aim to rob the city's largest businesses.
Voiced by Shawn Fonteno

Trevor Philips

Option A: Prologue - Something Sensible

Option B: Prologue - The Big Score

Option C: Prologue - The Third Way

Trevor Philips is a mentally unstable redneck and retired bank robber alongside his then partner Michael. A former military pilot, Trevor based himself in Los Santos, where he founded "Trevor Philips Enterprises", which mainly deals with weapons and drugs.

Now living in a small trailer at the middle of Los Santos' desert, Trevor sides with his old partner Michael and upcoming criminal Franklin as they rob the largest buisnesses in the city.
Voiced by Steven Ogg

Lester Crest

Option C: Friend Request - The Third Way Other: Friend Request - The Big Score

Lester Crest is an old friend of Michael's and is the mastermind behind the heists Michael, Franklin and Trevor pull off. He also issues assassination missions to Franklin.
Voiced by Jay Klaitz

Dave Norton

Prologue - Lamar Down

Dave Norton is an agent with the FIB and good friend of Michael. He arranged Michael's witness protection and writes to Trevor under the guise of Brad.
Voiced by Julian Gamble

Lamar Davis

Option C: Franklin and Lamar - The Third Way

Other: Franklin and Lamar - Lamar Down

Lamar Davis is one of Franklin's best friends. Described as "crazy", Lamar has opposing ideals with Franklin, often leading to arguments between the two.
Voiced by Slink Johnson

Steve Haines

Option C: Three's Company - The Third Way

Other: Three's Company - Lamar Down

Steve Haines is a highly decorated, yet highly corrupt agent from the FIB. Using his position as Dave Norton's superior, Haines uses Michael, Franklin and Trevor to help him undermine the IAA.
Voiced by Robert Bogue

Devin Weston

Option C: Blitz Play - The Third Way

Other: Blitz Play - Meltdown

Devin Weston is a billionaire businessman with a stake in may San Andreas businesses, including Merryweather Security. Introduced by Steve Haines, Michael, Franklin and Trevor work for him but quickly turn against him after Weston refuses to pay the trio and after Michael disobey's his wishes for the Richards Majestic studios.

Main Characters

Amanda De Santa

Father/Son - Meltdown

Amanda De Santa is the wife of Michael, and the mother of Jimmy and Tracey. She was once very close to her husband, but their relationship became shaky, and Amanda started to waste most of their money. She also eventually started an affair with her tennis coach, which Michael eventually found out.
Voiced by Vicki Van Tassel

Jimmy De Santa

Father/Son - Meltdown

James "Jimmy" De Santa is the son of Michael and Amanda, and the brother of Tracey. A young man in his early 20s, Jimmy is a lazy smoker who, like other members of his family, has a confused relationship with his father.
Voiced by Danny Tamberelli

Tracey De Santa

Father/Son - Meltdown

Tracey De Santa is the daughter of Michael and Amanda, and the sister of Jimmy. She has a very bad relationship with her parents, particularly her mother who dislikes Tracey's boyfriend, calling him a "bum". Her relationship with her father is also far from perfect.
Voiced by Michal Sinnot

Brad Snider

Franklin and Lamar - Complications

Bradley "Brad" Snider is an old friend of Michael and Trevor, who was killed during the Prologue.
Voiced by Ryan Woodle


The Long Stretch - The Third Way

Harold "Stretch" Joseph is a veteran member of The Families and an old friend to Lamar and Franklin. Can be a secondary antagonist of the player selects Option C.
Voiced by Hassan "Iniko" Johnson

Wei Cheng

Bury the Hatchet - The Third Way

Wei Cheng is the leader of the Los Santos Triads and the father of Tao. In retaliation for Trevor ruining his prospects to do business in Blaine County, he arranges to have Michael kidnapped in an effort to lure Trevor in. Can be a secondary antagonist of the player selects Option C.

Martin Madrazo

Marriage Counselling - Monkey Business

Martin Madrazo is a Mexican businessman and head of the Madrazo Cartel. It's implied that he is a drug lord, but insists that he is a legitimate businessman despite a recent charges being dropped due to the silencing of witnessess.
Voiced by Alfredo Huereca

Solomon Richards

Mr. Richards - Meltdown

'Solomon Richards is a Vinewood producer and owner of Richards Majestic. Michael is introduced to Richards through Devin Weston, where the two develop a good friendship after Michael helps Richards with issues with his latest film, Meltdown
Voiced by Joel Rooks

Ron Jakowski

Mr. Philips - Derailed

Ronald "Ron" Jakowski is a friend of Trevor and a fellow redneck living in a trailer located in Sandy Shores, Blaine County. He is a very paranoid conspiracy theorist.
Voiced by David Mogentale

Wade Hebert

Mr. Philips - Hang Ten

Wade Hebert is a friend of Trevor and Ron. Both mentally challenged and dim-witted, he helps Trevor with his jobs around Los Santos and Blaine County.
Voiced by Matthew Maher

Molly Schultz

I Fought the Law... - Legal Trouble

Molly Schultz is the Senior Vice President and General Counsel to Devin Weston's business.
Voiced by Elizabeth Mason

Supporting Characters

Simeon Yetarian

Franklin and Lamar - Complications

Simeon Yetarian is an Armenian car dealer and Franklin's former employer. After taken hostage by Michael while repossessing Jimmy's car, Franklin crashes the car into Simeon's showromm and Michael proceeds to bash Simeon up.
Voiced by Demosthenes Chrysan

Fabien LaRouche

Fame or Shame - Reuniting the Family

Fabien LaRouche is a yoga instructor who Amanda De Santa hired. After Amanda left Michael she began a relationship with him, she grew tired of him however and got back together with Michael.
Voiced by Michael Giese

Isiah Friedlander

Franklin and Lamar - Abandonment Issue

Isiah Friedlander is a therapist of whom Michael De Santa is a client. Michael has the option to kill him after discovering that he is leaving Los Santos to host a TV show.
Voiced by Bryan Scott Johnson

Denise Clinton

Denise Clinton is the aunt of Franklin Clinton. The two don't get along, Denise believes Franklin should stay in Strawberry and be a gangbanger, and disapproves of Franklin trying to get out of the ghetto.
Voiced by Janet Hubert

Tao Cheng

Option C: Trevor Philips Industries - The Third Way

Other: Trevor Philips Industries - Crystal Maze

Tao Cheng is the son of Los Santos Triads boss, Wei Cheng. Tao, along with a translator, travel to Blaine County to propose setting up business in association Trevor, but turn to the O'Neil brothers instead

Lazlow Jones

Fame or Shame - Meltdown

Lazlow Jones, a fictional version of long time co-writer of Grand Theft Auto V's script, is the host of the Chattersphere radio show and Fame or Shame TV show. He is repeatedly humiliated by Michael because of Tracey's involvement in the show.
Voiced by himself

Minor Characters

Heist Crew Members

Strangers and Freaks Characters

Random Event Characters


Bounty Targets

Unseen Characters

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