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well, hello there partner.

'bout me

i've been here for a while, so i decided to open a user. yoyoyoyoyoyo, wassup, imma tell you a bit about my life. i am a new immigrant to New York (i hope you get that reference) from israel. the way i learned english and if you need to teach someone, then write this down. when i was young, i watched a lot of american TV shows with subtitles. After some time, i started getting hooked about family guy, but the problem is that there weren't too many family guy airings on TV. so i watched it on the internet but unfortunately, there weren't much with hebrew subtitles. And so, i ended up watching 7 seasons of family guy.

if you really read the shit above, i really thank you. so, i started with GTA Vice City when i was 4 years years old (or so i think). i'm one of those people who want to explore everything possible (hence, open-world games are my favorite genre) and there is this room upstairs in that club near the beach (sorry i forgot the name) and  i wanted so badly to see what's there but the stairs that lead to that room are connected to the bar which there is a woman that shoots faster than you can think with a shotgun and she always fucking killed me. ALWAYS. i literaly tried everything, except shooting that bitch. i bet your'e wondering right now: "is he a retarted autistic kid?" well no i wasn't. after years i finally shot her and she died and i felt like i can die in piece. Great.

Anyway, the first GTA game i remember i got is (with contrast to about everyone) was VCS. yup, not Vice City (again), not San andreas and not GTA 3. i was really hooked. everything was fun and after my 8th time, i lost the count of the times i finished the game. some time later i got LCS for ps2 and (again) it was really good.

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