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February 22, 2013
  • I live in Somewhere in the Ardennes
  • I was born on February 8
  • My occupation is Old-school rap listener, GTA-freak and football player.
  • I am male
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Message me if you have any problems or questions, or if you spot anything bad.

Me, Tommy
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Quotation The Lost and Damned Main Theme QuotationReverse

GTA The Lost and Damned Official Theme Song


Grand Theft Auto III Main Theme

About me

Hi, my name is Thomas Lehnen, ( call me Tommy, my nickname ) , and I am a brazilian-belgian teenager, since I was a little boy, I have a big passion with the GTA Series, I started to play when I was very young, I've played all the games and what I love to do is read the GTA Wikia, I like to search about the games storylines, the characters, missions, the books, and all kind of content about GTA series, I really hate when people say that GTA is a game who the player needs to run over prostitutes and something.. I always try to explain the real sense of the game, and make the people learn a little better about the best game ever history.

Now, a little about my family and social life, I'm born at the mega city of São Paulo, Brazil, in 1999, I'm born, having Portuguese as native language, I speak too german, english, and french (not at all). I have two half-brothers, one half-sister, and a sister, since 2011 I live in Europe, going to school. I play soccer in a soccer team from my town, as hobbies I do Pool and Darts. I'm left-handed and single.



Liberty City Map. ( I like maps )

Favorite Games

Favorite Protagonists

Favorite Cities

Purple nines

The Southside Hoods


Grove Street

Favorite Gangs

Favorite Neighborhoods

Favorite Missions

GTA San Andreas - Walkthrough - Mission 91 - Breaking the Bank at Caligula's (HD)12:17

GTA San Andreas - Walkthrough - Mission 91 - Breaking the Bank at Caligula's (HD)

Favorite non-playable Characters

Favorite Quotes

"Scene of repeated illegal street racing. Luckily we bust the little bastards and ruin their stupid cars."
Blackfield Intersection Description.
"See you around, officer."
Carl Johnson
"No, I just want to piss you off before I kill you."
Tommy Vercetti
"Just a step-stone to greatness."
OG Loc
Salvatore Leone
"You're a strange man."
Niko Bellic
"Maria!!! It's ma favorite lady!"
"It's time for Lance Vance Dance!"
Lance Vance
"You're the protection? A bitch and a little punk."
— Restaurant owner.
"We need reinforcements from the Café!!!"
"Yusuf: I run everything in this town, everything. Luis: Really? Yusuf: No."
Yusuf Amir
"Who's going to judge Kate? What would she win if they did? Virgin of the year?"
Patrick McReary

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