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February 22, 2013
  • I live in Somewhere in the Ardennes
  • I was born on February 8
  • My occupation is Old-school rap listener, GTA-freak and football player.
  • I am male
Administrator I am an Administrator on this wiki.

Message me if you have any problems or suggestions, or if you spot anything bad.

Me, Tommy
Administrator I am an Administrator on GTA Wiki
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        • Hello and thanks for visiting my profile. Leave me a message in my talk page if you need help with something. I am available to help users in the Wiki and make friendships, so feel free contacting me.


Friends 'n' Allies

  • Big J - Classic rap listener, much respect.
  • Boomie - Great editing skills and myth master.
  • Cloud - Very nice guy, making tons of edits.
  • Dodo - A very good friend and template expert. Likes languages and soccer, like me.
  • Ilan - Top editor. Great admin. My first contact here.
  • Istalo - A friend from my country.
  • JB - He ikes Suv's like me, and good friend to chat.
  • Jeans - Character modding master. Helped me a lot.
  • Rhem - Very good editor, our most recent patroller.
  • Tom1 - One edit expert. Helped me very much in the beginning.
  • Jeff - The b'cat that I usually contact. Teached me how to deal with vandals at the beginning.
  • Dan - A very good editor and likes soccer/football like me.
  • Mikey - A very good friend. I always contact him and just like Dodo we are soccer fans.
  • Sas - Myths king. You wouldn't get in the woods from Whetstone without him...
  • Smash - A very friendly and skilled editor.
  • Tom2 - Top editor, has GTA VC as favorite game just like me.
  • Mr. T - Very good friend. We want to change the weather, but there's no cheat in the real life for it.

GTA Online infobox

GTA Online Vehicles Gallery

Under Construction This article or section is Under Construction.
Note: All the vehicles from this gallery were purchased from in-game websites (except the Oracle).

GTA SA Vehicles gallery

  • My favorite car, my lovely Tahoma.
  • My green Tahoma from the back.
  • My green Tahoma with the hydraulics on.
  • This one is my black Tahoma.
  • My crazy Stratum modded at the Wheel Arch Angels
  • The beige Stratum with bumper, roof and everything.
  • Now from the back, sorry for the bad light.
  • The pink stretch :)
  • Pink Stretch from the back.
  • My Red-Ferrari colored Turismo.
  • Now from the back.
  • My beautiful Stafford.
  • My GSF Gangsta Lowrider Savannah.
  • The Lowrider and two GSF OG's
  • My blue Taxi modded by TransFender
  • GSF Og with my blue Taxi.
  • My blue Taxi from the back.
  • GSF Greenwood completely modded by Transfender.
  • Greenwood from the side with roof, side skirts, exhaust...
  • Brazilian colored Bullet at the TransFender.

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