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  • I live in Oosterhout, the Netherlands
  • I was born on January 11
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Man
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About Me:

Favorite Games: GTA IV, Lost and Damned & The Ballad of Gay Tony

Least Favorite Game: GTA: Chinatown Wars

Favorite Vehicles: Sports Cars & Supercars: Infernus & Super GT; Muscle Cars & Vintage: Peyote & Dukes; Two-Doors & Hatchbacks: Sentinel & Blista Compact; Four-Door Sedans/Saloons & Station Wagons: Sultan & PMP 600; SUVs/Crossovers, Pick-Ups & Vans: Huntley Sport & Patriot; Commercial/Industrial: Benson & Securicar; Emergency: NOOSE Cruiser & Police Patrol; Public Service: Roman's Taxi & Taxi; Motorcycles: PCJ 600 & NRG 900; Boats: Police Predator & Dinghy; Aircraft: Annihilator & Police Maverick

Least Favorite [[Vehicles in GTA IV|Vehicles: Sports Cars & Supercars: Coquette & Feltzer; Muscle Cars & Vintage: Voodoo & Buccaneer; Two-Doors & Hatchbacks: Uranus & Futo; Four-Door Sedans/Saloons & Station Wagons: Solair & Willard; SUVs/Crossovers, Pick-Ups & Vans: Moonbeam & Rebla; Commercial/Industrial: Forklift & Ripley; Emergency: Ambulance & Enforcer; Public Service: Cabby & Trashmaster; Motorcycles: Faggio & Freeway; Boats: Marquis & Tug Boat; Aircraft: Helitours Maverick & Maverick

Favorite Weapons: Melee: Knife; Handguns: Automatic 9mm; Shotguns: Assault Shotgun; Submachineguns: Gold SMG; Assault Rifles: Advanced MG; Sniper Rifles: Combat Sniper; Launchers: RPG; Throwable: Molotov Cocktail

Least Favorite Weapons: Melee: Pool Cue; Handguns: Pistol; Shotguns: Pump Shotgun; Submachineguns: Micro-SMG; Assault Rifles: Carbine Rifle; Sniper Rifles: Advanced Sniper Launchers: Grenade Launcher; Throwable: Cigarette

Favorite Radio Stations: Vladivostok FM (GTA IV) & Electro-Choc (EfLC)

Least Favorite Radio Stations: The Journey & PLR

Favorite Missions: GTA IV: Three Leaf Clover; TLaD: Get Lost TBoGT: Caught with your Pants Down

Least Favorite Missions: GTA IV: First Date; TLaD: Coming Down TBoGT: I Luv LC

Favorite Characters: GTA IV: Niko Bellic, Patrick McReary & Dimitri Rascalov; TLaD: Johnny Klebitz, Jim Fitzgerald & Clay Simons; TBoGT: Luis Lopez, Yusuf Amir & Ray Bulgarin

Least Favorite Characters: GTA IV: Vladimir Glebov, Michelle & U.L. Paper; TLaD: Brian Jeremy, Jason Michaels & Ashley Butler; TBoGT: Armando Torres, Mr. Santo & Evan Moss

Favorite Areas: Star Junction, Varsity Heights & Acter Industrial Park

Least Favorite Areas: The Meat Quarter, Fortside & Colony Island

Favorite Gangs: Russian Mafia, Lupisella Family, Gambetti Family & McReary Family

Least Favorite Gangs: Ancelotti Family, Pavano Family, Angels of Death & Spanish Lords

Favorite Girlfriends: Carmen Ortiz & Alex Chilton

Least Favorite Girlfriends: Kate McReary & Michelle

Favorite Friends: Roman Bellic & Patrick McReary

Least Favorite Friends: Brucie Kibbutz & Dwayne Forge

Best Accomplishments: Completed GTA IV story without cheats, only using a Pistol, Getting a fortune of $1.500.000 & Become a member of the GTA Elite Club (Rockstar Social Club for people who completed GTA IV 100%)

Vehicles Parked at Safehouse: Hove Beach: Roman's Taxi & Laundromat

South Bohan: Black Lokus & Brucie's Yellow Comet

Middle Park East: Romero & Jacob's Huntley Sport

Northwood: Bernie's Infernus & Police Stockade

Alderney City: Gracie's Pink Feltzer & Police Maverick

Favorite Burger Shot: Star Junction

Favorite Cluckin' Bell: East Holland

Favorite Restaurant: Mr. Fuk's Rice Box

Favorite Clothes Shop: Perseus

Favorite Websites: &

Favorite Safehouse: Northwood

Favorite Side Mission: Stevie's Car Thefts & The Fixer's Assassinations

Vehicles Parked at Safehouse (TBoGT): Hove Beach: Super Diamond & FlyUS Feroci

South Bohan: Skylift & Enforcer

Middle Park East: Sentinel XS & Enforcer

Northwood: Stretch E & Tony's Schafter

North Holland: Infernus & Gracie's Feltzer

Alderney City: Tampa & Sabre GT

Acter: Huntley Sport & Bati Custom

Tudor: Swift & NOOSE Cruiser

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