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May 5, 2012
  • I live in Blythe, California
  • I was born on April 28
  • My occupation is High school senior at PVHS; Track and field sprinter/long distance; "Aspiring" musician and police officer
  • I am Male
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*<br /><span style="line-height:21px;">'''u should nev helped a enem me'''</span>
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==Welcome to my User Page!==
Wazzup GTA fans, I'm Tony. Welcome to my User Page. Anything you want to discuss with me, please, leave a message on my Talk Page and I'll get back to you.
==About Me==
Well, as seen from above, my name is Tony (full name Anthony) and I am a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto series. I was born on April 24, 1998 in Blythe, California and I really like to help other people since my town is a very small community and they help out in return for each other. My favorite sports of all time is football and baseball; I played football already and the season ended and now I'm playing baseball. For my hobbies, I like to collect cans for money (don't call me poor, I want extra money!) and hanging out with my friends.
My interest of the GTA series began when I was 5. I visited my cousin's house after school and stayed there for a couple hours. During those hours, I was really bored of watching T.V. I went to my cuz's room and she had a PlayStation there. I asked her if I can play it and she let me. She had a wide variety of games, but '''Grand Theft Auto 2''' was in there. As long as there was a game to play, I'm in. GTA 2 was really fun; running down cops and peds, shooting from the S-Uzi and taking a Tank and smashing cars. Of course, you GTA fans are saying, ''"''''''This game'' is too ''violent for this guy." It was violent, but entertaining! I only played it because it had a good title. Sorry guys, but was a fun game over all.'''
As the years went on until I was 10, I didn't really think about the GTA series, nor did I even remind myself of it. I got a red special edition PSP in summer 2010 as a gift for my good grades in school. It came it a game which I was okay with, but my mom wanted me to buy one more game for it. She took me to the town's Video & Games Store (now defunct) and she let me pick a PSP title. Some were crap, until I saw one familar series title that made me remember GTA 2. '''''Grand Theft Auto:''' Liberty City Stories. ''I told my mom to buy it for me. Back then, the "check-for-ESRB-rating" wasn't preveilent in Blythe, but I also heard that you need to have a parent or legal guardian to buy rated T and up games. I put the game in and played it, of course. That is how my interest in the ''Grand Theft'' ''Auto'' series began.
The same year for Christmas, I got ''San Andreas ''and'' Vice City''. The next year at Christmas, I got ''Vice City Stories''. After I completed the GTA games, my interest in the series began to fade. I ended up not playing them for a long time.
That all changed when I got ''GTA IV: Complete Edition'' for Christmas in 2011. My interest of the GTA series shone again.
It has shine brighter as my mom pre-ordered ''GTA V ''as a reward for my first semester grades being excellent. It was pre-ordered the day Rockstar delayed it (Jan. 30).
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Need any help on a page? Add it to my [[User:Tony 4-2-8-1-9-9-8/Sandbox/To Do List|To Do List!]]
==Big Project...==
I am currently working on an idea and rough draft of a script on a San Andreas new storyline mission using the Design Your Own Mission Mod (DYOM). Any users that want to participate on my project, let me know on my Talk Page.
==Friends & Allies==
*'''[[User:The Tom|Tom]]''' ---- Senior Editor. He's the boss!
*'''[[User:Ilan xd|Ilan]]''' ---- Admin. Kickin' butt and making hundreds of edits! Oh, I forgot, don't make him mad! (''name is pronounced '''il-lan or e-lan''')''
*'''[[User:Bob.cutlass2|Bob Cutlass #2]] ---- '''Patroller Partner. Met him through a speculation blog, now we're GTA V info gathering buddies.
*'''[[User:Mikey Klebbitz|Mikey K.]] ---- '''Mess with the K, you're gonna get the T.
*'''[[User:Dodo8|The 8th Dodo]] ---- '''Great Editor and Tech Guy/Dodo or the both.
*'''[[User:LS11sVaultBoy|Boy Of The Vault]] ---- '''The man! Or wait, the boy! Ah? Anyone? Dammit!
*'''[[User:Cloudkit01|Hi-Hi Puffy Curly Bosco, something, something, something]] ---- '''Awesome friend and a good chat moderator and chat dude, himself!
*'''[[User:Instulent|Teh Instulent]]''' ---- The banana...with a might of editing!
*'''[[User:JBanton|J. Banton]]''' ---- The Wiki's vehicle admin. He is the all vehicles type specialist, and I'm a classic American automobile enthusist/specialist.
*'''[[User:Thomas0802|Tommy]]''' ---- We have something in common: We hate our weather where we live!
=='''GTA Games I Own, Year Got It, and My Rating Score'''==
==='''GTA Title: -------------- My Rating Score:'''===
'''GTA 2 (played in 2003)---------------- 89.6%'''
'''GTA III (2009) ------------------------------ 92.9%'''
'''GTA: Vice City (2008) ------------------ 91.3%'''
'''GTA: San Andreas (2008) ------------ 99.9%'''
'''GTA: Liberty City Stories (2008) --- 90.9%'''
'''GTA: Vice City Stories (2009) ------- 87.8%'''
'''GTA IV (2011): ------------------------------ 97.3%'''
'''GTA: Episodes From Liberty City (2011) ---- 98.1% '''
'''GTA IV: The Lost and Damned (2011)-------- 92.5%'''
'''GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony (2011) --------- 99.7%'''
'''GTA: Chinatown Wars (PSP) [2013] ----------- TBR'''
'''GTA V (2013 or 2014) --------------------------------------------- TBR'''
'''Lowest Rank: VCS, because of lag, glitches in gameplay, and empire building glitches and limitations.'''
'''''Highest Rank: SA, because it is the best GTA game, but with a few glitches. (Rate might be broken to'' GTA V.)'''
==Top 8 Favorite Vehicles in Each Game:==
{{Template:Under Construction}}GTA 2:
*[[Stinger]] ------- Fast and a good cop evader.
*[[Armed Land Roamer]] ------- Good for getting to the next city quickly.
*[[Furore GT]] ------- Hells on wheels!
*[[Tank]] ------- I want to get out of the city NOW!
*[[Kuruma]] ------- I take cruises around LC when I'm not killing people.
*Stinger ------- Fast and gets the job done!
*[[Fbi Car]] ------- Its siren blew up my T.V. speaker, you bastard!
*[[Mafia Sentinel]] ------- I see it's grey and very good a turning
*[[Dodo]] ------- I can fly! Modder-like
*[[Patriot]] ------- Hail thee truck of America! Huzzah!
*[[Rumpo]] ------- This van sure is a hooker getter
*[[Rhino]] ------- BOOM and CRUSH!!! (goes on until VCS, but not going to count them)
*[[Admiral]] ------- My free roam car.
*[[Deluxo]] ------- Fast and good handling.
*[[Sea Sparrow]] ------- I Like to fly; weak, but at least it comes with a gun turret.
*[[Sultan]] ------- Fast cruise car and good GSF homie saver.
*[[Hunter]] ------- Shooting rockets at cop cars and shooting down choppers with gun turret.
*[[Hydra]] ------- Reach the hights to avoid enemy Hydras.
*[[Landstalker]] ------- Go offroading and taking a drive.
*[[Banshee]] ------- My favorite racing sports car.
*[[Manchez]] ------- Like going offroad and popping wheelies
*[[Stretch|Bulletproof Stretch]] ------- Got to avoid getting shot by the Sharks.
*[[Little Willie]] ------- Flying and shooting
*[[Splitz-6 ATV]] ------- IT DRIVES ON WATER! (Slowly)
*[[Oracle]] ------- Great sedan. Love to drive around the city with it.
*[[FIB Buffalo]] ------- Fast car to get the criminals, but is very easy to crash and destroy.
*[[Infernus]] ------- Fast sports car and favorible for races
*[[SuperGT]] ------- Speed and agressive driving. Seems analogous doesn't it?
*[[Cavalcade FXT]] ------- The pick-up truck that makes its cousin, the Cavalcade, look like a minivan.
*[[Coquette]] ------- Hey, speed and crappy handling makes Alex Chilton love Niko more!
*[[Zombie|Zombie B]] ------- Tight-looking bike; great for cruises and shooting with the Sawn-Off
*[[Angel]] ------- For an AOD bike, it's easy to pop wheelies on it!
*[[Double T Custom]] ------- Fast as hell bike; great for races and evading the po-lice!
*[[Hakuchou Custom]] ------- The Ha-ha-coochie-coo that eases the police chases.
*[[Slamvan]] ------- Reminds me of the Ford hotrod toy I used to hsve when I was seven (nostalgia kicking in *sniff*)
*[[Regina]] ------- Hey, rust buckets interest me than the next Vigero!
*[[Gang Burrito]] ------- Crappy engine, small wheels; ah, what the hell?
*[[Buffalo]] ------- Awesome sports sedan. Been with me throughout the storyline
*[[F620]] ------- Awesome supercar. Great for races and been with me throughout the storyline.
*[[Buzzard]] ------- Hello? It has rockets and miniguns!
*[[Schafter|Schafter G2]] ------- Luxury car, redefined, but where the Hell is the Stock model?
*[[Vader]] ------- Bike that makes me enjoy the speed...and chances of fatal collisions.
*[[APC|N.O.O.S.E. APC]] ------- Can't we all kick ass with this monstrosity?
*[[Tampa]] ------- Oh, now that car is a great racer!
*[[Serrano]] ------- Love its sleek design and the car's name reminds me of a girl I used to date with that last name 
*Buffalo G2 ------- Oh that car is so badass!
*Buzzard ------- I already know that I will be liking this heli again
*[[9F]] ------- Audi-inspired car? I am going to love this game.
*Bravado pickup truck ------- My dad owns a 2012 model Dodge RAM, thus, I am going to keep a 2013 Bravado pickup truck.
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[[Category:Patrollers|Tony 4-2-8-1-9-9-8]]

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