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  • I live in Blythe, California
  • I was born on April 28
  • My occupation is High school senior at PVHS; Track and field sprinter/long distance; "Aspiring" musician and police officer
  • I am Male
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===Online Collection===
===Online Collection===
I tend to make my vehicles in Online less conspicuous; I don't really modify the vehicle's body up the ass, I just change the performance and that's all. Although the vehicles are less conspicuous like I said, I can't really tell if this is a good thing or bad thing because there are some players that will deliberately destroy my vehicles if I am in them or they are in sight by me. Oh well, Bad Sport rating for them!
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Yeah, I know I haven't been much around to edit, but schoolwork and raising up my grades are my top priority. Don't fret, I'll check back this wiki on any of my spare time that is available.

Patroller I am a Patroller on GTA Wiki.

Message me if you have any problems or questions, or if you spot anything bad.

"You only live once. If you want to live twice, you better GET YOUR ASS DOWN!"
―Tony_1998 (During a CoD: BO Match)
"The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few."
―Sentinel Prime - Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today; today is a gift. That is why they call it present."
―Master Oogway - Kung Fu Panda (2008)
"Failure to preparing to fail."
―My JROTC Intructor

Welcome to my User Page!

Wazzup GTA fans, I'm Tony. Welcome to my User Page. Anything you want to discuss with me, please, leave a message on my Talk Page and I'll get back to you.

About Me

Well, as seen from above, my name is Tony (full name Anthony) and I am a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto series. I was born on April 24, 1998 in Blythe, California and I really like to help other people since my town is a very small community and they help out in return for each other. My favorite sports of all time is football and baseball; I played football already and the season ended and now I'm playing baseball. For my hobbies, I like to collect cans for money (don't call me poor, I want extra money!), sports, hanging out with my friends and cooking/baking.

My interest of the GTA series began when I was 5. I visited my cousin's house after school and stayed there for a couple hours. During those hours, I was really bored of watching T.V. I went to my cuz's room and she had a PlayStation there. I asked her if I can play it and she let me. She had a wide variety of games, but Grand Theft Auto 2 was in there. As long as there was a game to play, I'm in. GTA 2 was really fun; running down cops and peds, shooting from the S-Uzi and taking a Tank and smashing cars. Of course, you GTA fans are saying, "'This game is too violent for this guy." It was violent, but entertaining! I only played it because it had a good title. Sorry guys, but was a fun game over all.

As the years went on until I was 10, I didn't really think about the GTA series, nor did I even remind myself of it. I got a red special edition PSP in summer 2010 as a gift for my good grades in school. It came it a game which I was okay with, but my mom wanted me to buy one more game for it. She took me to the town's Video & Games Store (now defunct) and she let me pick a PSP title. Some were crap, until I saw one familar series title that made me remember GTA 2. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. I told my mom to buy it for me. Back then, the "check-for-ESRB-rating" wasn't preveilent in Blythe, but I also heard that you need to have a parent or legal guardian to buy rated T and up games. I put the game in and played it, of course. That is how my interest in the Grand Theft Auto series began.

The same year for Christmas, I got San Andreas and Vice City. The next year at Christmas, I got Vice City Stories. After I completed those GTA games, my interest in the series began to fade and eventually, I ended up not playing them for a long time.

That all changed when I got GTA IV: Complete Edition for Christmas in 2011. My interest of the GTA series began to shine again.

It has shone even brighter as my mom pre-ordered GTA V as a reward for my first semester grades being excellent. It was pre-ordered the day Rockstar delayed it (Jan. 31).

Mr. T, That's Me!
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Need any help on a page? Add it to my To Do List!

Friends & Allies

  • Tom ---- Senior Editor. He's the boss!
  • Ilan ---- Admin. Kickin' butt and making hundreds of edits! Oh, I forgot, don't make him mad! (name is pronounced il-lan or e-lan)
  • Bob Cutlass #2 ---- Patroller Partner. Met him through a speculation blog, now we're GTA V info gathering buddies.
  • Mikey K. ---- Mess with the K, you're gonna get the T.
  • The 8th Dodo ---- Great Editor and Tech Guy/Dodo or the both.
  • Boy Of The Vault ---- The man! Or wait, the boy! Ah? Anyone? Dammit!
  • Hi-Hi Puffy Curly Bosco, something, something, something ---- Awesome friend and a good chat moderator and chat dude, himself!
  • J. Banton ---- The Wiki's vehicle admin. He is the all vehicles type specialist, and I'm a classic American automobile enthusist/specialist.
  • Tommy ---- We have something in common: We hate our weather where we live!

GTA Games' Critical Reception

GTA 2: 89.6% -- Replays (missions): 2

My first GTA game played. I enjoyed mostly running around and running over people. As I played the storyline a few months ago, I was satisfied by its challenging missions, leading you to decide what to do to complete it.

GTA III: 92.9% -- Replays: 3

Barely got this game in 2009. this was by far, the most innovated game ever made. Its missions tell a compelling story, but I mainly criticized the way it structered up to the end. Most of its side missions are sure fun and to keep you going! 

GTA: Vice City: 91.3% -- Replays: 3

I was excited to get this game, along with GTA: SA for Christmas in 2008. I enjoyed the storyline, much better than GTA III, but the characters are difficult to relate to. I loved Rockstar's depiction of Miami; Vice City is alot more glamorous than the gritty and gloomy Liberty City in GTA III.

GTA: San Andreas: 99.9% -- Replays: 6

Along with Vice City, this game kept me up all day and night, thinking on what should I do with CJ in the state of San Andreas. The story was a fantastic and a big improvement in the last two GTA's. The RPG-esque elements in the game and its cavalcade of side missions/passtimes kept me playing, no problem! 

GTA: Liberty City Stories: 90.9% -- Replays: ~10

I would say that if it was for this game, I would have never remembered the GTA series. I got this game in the Summer of '08 after getting excellent grades in school and this game kept me up all day and night playing until my PSP ran out of battery life. I enjoyed the story, but it wasn't a good story to remember well. The whopping side missions and my use of imagination kept this game going smoothly.

GTA: Vice City Stories: 87.8% -- Replays: 7

In Christmas 2009, I got this game after partially losing interest in the series. This game made me put LCS VC, SA, III away in order to understand this great storyline. I strongly felt that this game should have been given alot more things to do, but the empire building feature made the game a bit more repetitive in a good way. Also, the game was almost plagued with glitches. It seems that Rockstar shipped this game out fast! 

GTA IV: 97.3% -- Replays: 4

My fan-ism in GTA was finally there and I had stopped playing them. If I can recall, I remember seeing GTA IV: C.E. at a Wal-Mart when I was out of town. I told my mom if I can get it for Christmas, along with my barely birthday-gifted PS3. My mom said "wait", but I knew it was a "no" Then in Christmas 2011, when we were barely surviving on table scraps, my mom gifted me the only Christmas present: Grand Theft Auto IV: & Episodes from Liberty City. This really made me enjoy my past GTA games with this game. This game had a great storyline, characters, everything, but it suffered from its lack of past time activities, besides shooting and hanging out with friends and less cars as there were in GTA: SA. Overall, I replayed this game 4 times and still enjoyed its amazing storyline.

GTA IV: The Lost and Damned: 92.5% -- Replays: 2

A really deep, gritty storyline about the Lost MC. Loved its addition of vehicles, weapons and activities, but I didn't love its storyline, as I felt that Rockstar thought this on the top of their heads. I felt that the characters in this game didn't really feel relatable, not as much as GTA: VC.

GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony: 99.7% -- Replays: 2

A masterpiece in every sense of the word. I absolutely enjoyed the new vehicles and its overdose on weapons and the characters felt more easy to relate to. The mission structure was amazing, as I enjoyed the story and exploits of Luis Lopez and Tony Prince. What keeps me going back to the game, is the Drug Wars. I got around 127 done! 

GTA: Chinatown Wars: TBR

I thought would be getting game in early 2013, but maybe I have to keep on waiting! 

GTA V: 100.0% -- Replays: 0

Screw TBoGT, THIS is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. I enjoyed the fabulous Los Santos and the rest of San Andreas, the protags, the other characters, EVERYTHING. The storyline didn't live up to the GTA standards, but it was amazing, nevertheless! The car customizations, the Strangers and Freaks and hunting makes the game the motherf---ing game of the decade! You know what? FUCK Call of Duty: Ghosts!

GTA Online: 88.2% -- Replays: N/A

Though, I did anticipate a buggy launch when I got GTA V almost three weeks after on October 3rd, it came out fine for me. I had not one lag, connection error, or ever lost a character. Though, I can complain about its repetitive missions (when you get to level 30 or higher, they get a little fun), low payouts, and prices on items which are a ripoff!. The hackers and many glitches made this game go down in percentage. When they release some patches to fix these glitches and ban the hackers, then maybe I'll increase its rating percentage, if it gets more fun.

GTA V: Story Mode Update # 1 -- TBR

Favorite GTA Vehicles

The Michael Collection

The Franklin Collection

The Trevor Collection

Online Collection

I tend to make my vehicles in Online less conspicuous; I don't really modify the vehicle's body up the ass, I just change the performance and that's all. Although the vehicles are less conspicuous like I said, I can't really tell if this is a good thing or bad thing because there are some players that will deliberately destroy my vehicles if I am in them or they are in sight by me. Oh well, Bad Sport rating for them!

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