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'Darker Days, but brighter Nights.

-Phoenix Shit ( Tasnim)

LSPD , VCPD and LCPD Police Database record.


Surname: John Doe (Unknown)

Age: 26 (Believed)

Place Of Birth (Stockholm City)

Affiliations: Former Member of The Lost MC (Retired) 

Criminal record:

  • 2006 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 2006 - Killing A cop
  • 2007 Drive Thru murders
  • 2008 Armed Robbery
  • 2008 Store robbery
  • 2010 Major Bank Heist (Armed Robbery, believed of evidence)


Surname: Alex Schatkowski (Fake Identity)

Age 32

Place Of birth (Stockholm City)

Affiliations Armed robber, Car stealer, Repo Jobs.

Criminal record

  • 2011 Armed Robbery
  • 2011 Act of Violence 
  • 2011 Armed robbery
  • believed assasination ( Assasinated a Lawyer)
  • 2012 Grand Theft Auto
  • 2012 Grand Theft Auto 
  • 2012 Grand Theft Auto


Surname: Tasnim Johnson (Belived Identity)

Age 33 - 34

Place Of Birth (Stockholm City)

Affiliations former grove Street families member (Retired)

Criminal record 

  • 2012 (Late) Armed Robbery (Ammu-Nation gun store)
  • 2013 (Early) Grand Theft Auto
  • Act Of violence against Civillians

Notes: many criminal records over Liberty City, Vice City, and Los Santos, but never arrested. Dangerous criminal, Identity still fully unkown (Most of his criminal acts, he has worn a mask (To be exact, A Dark Green skull Balaclava mask seen in some Security Footage) ). Also very difficult to track down, (As said, identity not known fully yet)

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