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July 25, 2010

Soooo.......what am I supposed to put here? OK ummmm my gamertag for xbox live is obviously XxILLuSIonSxX78 so does anyone wanna play some GTA or SR? Ok ummmmm I mostly edit Grand Theft Auto IV and Saints Row 2 wikias but sometimes do stuff like Madness Combat and such.....Right now at least i'm mostly doing the GTA wikia because I love that game......Ok ummm my favorite car is the Karin Futo GT in the game it has the bodykit and spoiler and stuff on the Albanian version and it is pure white, and has a black hood, rims, spoiler and bumpers....Um I also like my Dinka Hakumai, Albany Feroci, Vulcar Ingot, Dundreary Landstalker and many more.....All gang varients and my Feroci has blacked out rims and a black paint it looks so nice....Ok I mod so I if I tell you you can do something and you can't it's because I mod my game so I can change the colors on cars....I know nothing about cars so if you ask me any thing about something besides the color it's painted the I'll just make up something that sounds smart, Fit and finish to stuff like that and the page I edit is the one of my favorite the Futo GT ok wait why are you reading this and why am I writing...Oh right cause I have no life to get to okee bai!

Oh and BTW I love to be an annoying noob in GTA IV!!!!!

Any questions or concerns regarding my editing or whatnot? Message me!!!

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