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November 2, 2012
  • I live in Terminius, State Of Fulton, U.S.A.
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is Obsessing about GTA.
  • I am Rank 198 in GTA Online

"Welcome to the Andreas, where saints fly and crime is high."

iTheftAuto is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a supporting protagonist in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad Of Gay Tony, Grand Theft Auto V, and the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto Online.

He is currently residing in the Los Santos area of San Andreas, not much else is known about him, other than he works for Trevor Phillips Enterprises, and is affiliated with The Families and the Algonquin Destroyers crew.



iTheftAuto was born on November 9th, 1999 in the city of Terminius, he took to the criminal side early in life, stealing his first pencil at only 3 years old.


He moved to Los Santos to pursue a career in Vinewood movie making, like every other kid in the country.


He took part in his first bank robbery with Lamar Davis, robbing the 24/7 store in Grove Street, Davis for $2,000, the trio was able to lose a 3 star wanted level and split the take.


At age 14 he settled down from the criminal lifestyle, buying a TheftStation 4 and playing Grand Optimus V.


He still played Grand Optimus V.


iTheftAuto is said to be an interesting person, going far out of his way to get money and earn a good reputation.

Grand Theft Auto - Ze Epic Gamez

This is an epic list of each GTA game i own and have played, with my views on each game.

2D Universe

Grand Theft Auto - PlayStationX

Completed: x0

The first GTA was a blast to play, still managing to be a great game even 15 years after its release, though its graphics were quite outdated for its time, with a not-so-amazing story, it's still a great game. [8/10]

Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 - PlayStationX

Completed: x0

London was a good expansion to the original GTA, but did not add many new features. However, the new setting was fun to roam around. [7/10]

Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 - PC

Completed: x0

As said before, not any features were added with the new expansions, it should be noted the setting of Manchester was a nice addition. [7/10]

Grand Theft Auto 2 - PlayStationX

Completed: About 50%

With updated top-down graphics, at its time GTA 2 seemed like a very futuristic game in a couple cases, yet did not add many mechanics not seen before, is still fun to play. [7.5/10]

3D Universe

Grand Theft Auto III - PlayStation 2, iOS

Completed: x4

Starting a new era, GTA III brought the series to a new 3D perspective, with its new take on american culture, silent protagonist, great voice actors and characters, and the gritty feel of a newly designed New York as a mix of US cities, the game feels perfect. The only gripe i have about it is Claude not being able to swim. [9.8/10]

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PlayStation 2, iOS

Completed: x1

Cocaine, fast cars, and Scarface, Vice City brought us back to the 80's, a time when idiots with a boatload of money ruled the city. With a plethora of new weapons, vehicles, and mechanics built on GTA III, Vice City is a near-perfect game, although this was cut short due to the map size, strange layout of roadways, and seemingly incomplete districts such as Downtown. [9.0/10]

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - PlayStation 2, PC/Mac, iOS

Completed: x3

Grove 4 Life, and they were right. The 90's, crack, more cars, and a few Boyz in the Hood. San Andreas is thought of many in the GTA community as the best game in the series, and they were mostly right. With a vast array of 240 vehicles, car customization, gang wars, and the great characters, it's no wonder you get run over all the time on SA's freeways. 3 cities, 5 counties, 18 sq. miles of vast Andreas to explore. Although because of the larger map and higher quantity of mechanics and vehicles, the graphical capacity has been decreased for consoles, making the detail and overall look of the cities feel partially incomplete. [9.2/10]

Grand Theft Auto Advance - GameBoy Advance

Completed: 30%

The only GTA game to not be developed by Rockstar, Advance was not as accurate to GTA as previous and future games, but still managed to be a very decent game when the capacity of the GBA system is taken to mind.  Fewer weapons, vehicles, and an inaccurate Liberty City make it seemingly cheap. [7.0/10]

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - PlayStation 2

Completed: x1

Returning to Liberty City in '98, Toni Cipriani has a lot of explaining to do as you might see. Working your way back up in the Leone family proves to an action-packed journey of epicness, with a great variety of weapons, vehicles, and more attention to detail, this is a good game for those who look for the backstory to GTA III. [8.5/10]

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - PlayStation 2

Completed: 30%

2 Years before Tommy arrives, the brother of Lance Dance likes being framed it seems. An interesting backstory to the events of Vice City, new weapons bring Victor's arsenal to a few trunkloads of automatic epicness. The same gripes of Vice City still exist, although swimming has returned from the SA. [8.5/10]

HD Universe

Grand Theft Auto IV - Xbox 360, PC

Completed: x4

Liberty City is reimagined in one of the best games of all time. Powered by Rockstar's own RAGE engine, GTA IV brings the series to the power of 7th gen consoles in an epic fashion. With the dark, twisted story of Niko Bellic, players are taken on a great jounrey of action through the 4 boroughs of LC and Alderney State, with a new, gritty feel of LC unrivaled in many games, and unrivaled soundtrack that is sure to bring chills to your skull. Although the number of weapons has been severely decreased to 15, along with less vehicles, GTA IV still earns a perfect rating as one of the best games in history. [10/10]

The Lost and Damned - Xbox 360, PC

Completed: x2

An interesting expansion to IV, TLaD brings us a new protagonist with an itchy trigger finger and new patches. Johnny Klebitz of The Lost travels across the city again with a new story showing how one can be betrayed in a Liberty Minute. with new weapons like the Sawed-off, Grenade Launcher, and Automatic Pistol, it's worth playing for a new perspective on the city of Liberty. [8.0/10]

The Ballad Of Gay Tony - Xbox 360, PC

Completed: x2

Lights, camera, and caught with your pants down. The final expansion to IV, TBoGT brings more cars, weapons, a new protagonist, and story. It ain't that different is it? Oh wait, you're living the high life here. Bringing new stuff like the Super Diamond, Auto Shotgun, Pistol .44, and Assault SMG, it's sure worth paying the price for. [8.5/10]

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - iOS

Completed: x1

Bringing LC to touch devices, a new protagonist has his own problems. Left 4 Dead again, Huang Lee is having a lot of fun in Liberty. With Alderney excluded from the game, CW is set in a 3D-top-down version of the true Liberty City. With a new abillity to buy a new range of weapons from the internet, including the Minigun, Chinatown Wars is a great game for when you're texing and driving down the Pacific Coast in your $2million supercar while blasting The Beatles on your local friendly radio station. [8.7/10]

Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox 360/PlayStation 4

Completed: x3 - 100% Acheived 11/14/13 (X360) / 1/15/2015 (PS4)

Los Santos. A sun soaked hell. After 9 years we return to a city of cellulite, sin, and cellulite removal. Vinewood is even more glamorous, and the gangs more intense. Breaking tradition, GTA V features 3 protagonists in a 49 sq. mile map, bringing open-world to a whole new level. A vast array of weapons totalling to 40 with the new DLCs, and a collection of 210+ vehicles, it's no wonder GTA V is the highest selling entertainment item in history. The new installation in a series that has cemented itself in the influence of games, GTA V is, along with GTA IV, unmatched in freedom, allowing you to explore every area of the map from the very beginning, along with a story with so many heists i lost count months ago. An intense pursuit for the mighty american dollar, GTA V brings every single mechanic introduced in GTA IV and refines it to bring us a perfect array of things to do. It's near impossible to get bored in the new SA, and the best thing? No more calls for bowling. [10/10]

Grand Theft Auto Online - Xbox 360/PlayStation 4

Progress: 2 High-Class Apartments, 20 Insured Cars, Rank 198, Criminal Mastermind Challenge Complete

At first it was a buggy mess, now it's the best multiplayer out there, GTA Online bring us the new standard in multiplayer open-world, where, although you cannot insure your Tank, Attack Helicopter, or Limo, it is unrivaled in things to do. That is, until you're waiting for the next DLC, switching between Impotent Rage and your apartment garage camera for hours while sitting on the couch perfectly still, or attempting to throw your console out the window after the 6th freeze of the day. GTA Online has a lot of things to improve on, but it's still the best multiplayer out there. Heists are here to rock your pogo mask. Finally. [9/10]

Epic List Complete

Favorites - The Top Notch

Favorite Game

2D Universe: Grand Theft Auto 2

3D Universe: Grand Theft Auto III

HD Universe: Tied Between Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto IV

Favorite Protagonist

2D Universe: Claude Speed

3D Universe: Carl Johnson

HD Universe: Niko Bellic

Favorite Non-Playable Character

3D Universe: Sweet Johnson

HD Universe: Lamar Davis

Favorite Quote

3D Universe: Salvatore's Called A Meeting - "I see nothing but good things for you, my boy." - Salvatore Leone

HD Universe: Franklin and Lamar - "Don't hate me because i'm beautiful!" - Lamar Davis

Favorite Soundtrack

2D Universe: Grand Theft Auto

3D Universe: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

HD Universe: Grand Theft Auto IV

Favorite Weapon

I - Machine Gun

II - Machine Gun

III - AK-47

Vice City - MP5

San Andreas - AK-47

Advance - Minigun

LC Stories - AK-47

VC Stories - M249

IV - AK-47

TLaD - CZ-75

TBoGT - P90

Chinatown Wars - AK-47

V - M107

Favorite Car

2D Universe: Z-Type - II

3D Universe: Sentinel - III

HD Universe: Turismo - IV

Favorite Theme Song

3D Universe: Grand Theft Auto III

HD Universe: Grand Theft Auto IV

Favorite Story

2D Universe: Grand Theft Auto 2

3D Universe: Grand Theft Auto III

HD Universe: Grand Theft Auto IV

Best Detailed Map

3D Universe: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

HD Universe: Grand Theft Auto IV

Favorite Radio Station

2D Universe: Head Radio - I

3D Universe: Radio Los Santos - San Andreas

HD Universe: Liberty Rock Radio/Radio Broker - IV

Favorite "Just Because" Quote

2D Universe: "Now get your ass back to the park for more jobs" - I - Random Phone Dude

3D Universe: "The advantage of a stick shift i guess.." - San Andreas - Farewell, My Love... - Carl Johnson in response to Catalina

HD Universe: "Welcome to America!" - IV - Out of Commission - Niko Bellic to Jimmy Pegorino

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