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The Zombotech Corporation is a large commercial/industrial business entity headquartered in Downtown, San Fierro, San Andreas. Housed in a large square building in Downtown, this corporation is one of the largest in the city. Their headquarters are well designed and interesting, featured a glass foyer that is accessible and a huge sculpture shaped similarly to a DNA strand in the center of the building. Towards the rear are elevators that "DO NOT" go to various zombie labs."

About us

We here at zombotech strive to help you on your everyday life everything from "Living longer" to Food suplying such as: Soylent green, Cloned meats, and, super wheat "which is imune to all fire, pestisides, and, sharp objects."

Though we do enjoy other things like The grand theft auto series. Yes We have enjoyed Rockstars Grand theft auto ever since 2001 With GTA III all the way up to GTA V, But we have played both GTA I & GTA II. We have played it for years now and won't stop even after they stop making new Grand theft autos.

Our first time playing was as said back in 2001 our corporations main leader's dad had bought GTA 3 for him self at the same time let his son play it and so on and so on His dad bought all the grand theft autos And is now stuck on GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Multiplayer. He won't play any thing else at all only metal gear solid HD Which our corporations leader likes but come on he also plays:

  • Team fortress 2 (PC)
  • Metal gear solid series (PS3 now) "played it before on ps2 and ps1"
  • Fallout series (PS3 sadly it crashes all the time)
  • Grand... wait you know that (PS3)
  • Saints row series (PS3) "I Know what a trader"
  • Assassins creed series (PS3) "I haven't played 3 or 4"
  • Little big planet (PS3)
  • Killing floor (PC)
  • Left 4 dead 1-2 (PC)
  • Half life series (PC)
  • Portal series (PC)
  • Half life 3 (NEVER)
  • Red dead series (Both)

Max payne series (PS3) 

Oh and we use google crome.

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