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  • AgentUnpredictable909

    Hey, AgentUnpredictable909 here. I Have Some Ideas For Grand Theft Auto V Sequel. This Is Not A Real Idea I Just Expressing My Ideas. Hope You Guys Like It.

    In 2016, A Guy Named David Brooks Has Been Jailed In Los Santos Prison. Because he has do some massacre, bank robbery and another crime thing with his mafia gang "The Slashers". And Now His Going to be Executed in there. In The Beginning Of Intro, David, Alex, And The Slashers are going to rob Los Santos National Bank, and then LSPD And SWAT Team Are Comes, Because Outnumbered, The Slashers Must Abort The Robbery. And Then After They're Almost Succeed To Escape, David Has Been Shot In The Leg, And He Cannot Continue The Escape And Being Arrested. An Hour Before the execution he's got a …

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