Hey, AgentUnpredictable909 here. I Have Some Ideas For Grand Theft Auto V Sequel. This Is Not A Real Idea I Just Expressing My Ideas. Hope You Guys Like It.


In 2016, A Guy Named David Brooks Has Been Jailed In Los Santos Prison. Because he has do some massacre, bank robbery and another crime thing with his mafia gang "The Slashers". And Now His Going to be Executed in there. In The Beginning Of Intro, David, Alex, And The Slashers are going to rob Los Santos National Bank, and then LSPD And SWAT Team Are Comes, Because Outnumbered, The Slashers Must Abort The Robbery. And Then After They're Almost Succeed To Escape, David Has Been Shot In The Leg, And He Cannot Continue The Escape And Being Arrested. An Hour Before the execution he's got a mail from an unknown sender and the mail says "We Need To Get You Out Of Here, We Will Come In Your Execution Time!". And When The Execution Time Comes, A Bunch Of Chooper Is Fly Above The Prison, And then the choopers are shooting all the police, And A Bunch Of Goons Down From The Helicopter Using Ropes And They're Free All The Prisoners Including David.

After Being Free, David Going To The Prison Gated That Has Been Destroyed By One Of The Chooper. On The Way, An Police Reinforcements Comes And block David And Some Prisoners. And Then From The Back The Slashers Goons and it's leader, Alex Rodney Attack The Police Reinnforcements And They Did Kill All The Police. "You Getting Slow, Old Pal" Says Alex, "Alex, is that you? Thanks for helping me out from this SH*T..." says David. "Ok, We Need To Get You Out Of Here, Let's Go To Chooper Now, And Change Your Clothes, You Look Terrible."

On The Chooper David Ask A Question To Alex "Where Are We Going?", "Vice City, We Deal With This City Later, We're Gonna Have To Makes Some Allies In There. Once We're Rule Vice City, Nothing Cannot Stop Us..." Says Alex. And Then A Grand Theft Auto V: Rise Of Vice City Logo Showed Up And The Background Becomes Black And Grand Theft Auto V: Rise Of Vice City Song Play, And The Crew Credits Showed Up, And The Background Become A View Of Vice City.

Three Minutes Later, the game begin, And Before You Can Explore Vice City, Alex Tells David To Come To His Penthouse. There The Place That You Start The First Mission.


Alex Mission:

1.Welcome To VC...

After Reach Alex's Penthouse, Alex Ask David To Take Guns And The Ammo From Robbie Sanderson, A Friend Of Alex And Take Him To Alex's Penthouse. After taking the guns and the ammo, some unknown thugs attack David's car and looks like they're want to takes the weapon cahces. "Who The Hell Are They?" Says David. "Paparazzi, Let's Roll. I'll Drive You'll Shoot". Says Robbie.


1.Go To The Truck

2.Go To Robbie's House

3.Defend The Truck

After Succeed to reach Alex's Penthouse, Alex Seeing The Truck Little Bit Damage And He Ask Robbie What Happen To The Truck and he answered Vercetti's Goons (Tommy Vercetti, Is The Arch Enemy Of Alex And The Slashers) attack The Truck. And Then Alex Give David A WHIZ Cellphone. That Cellphone has some feature like GPS, Music Player/Playlist (An app that use for make your own playlist in the radio (89.0 My Playlist Fm), Cheats Option, Phonebook, Dial, Message, Your Bank account (If You Buy A Company, A Hourly Income Cash Will Appear On Your Bank Account in every one hour), Internet, E-Mail (This App Makes You Received An E-Mail From People that give you a Job, Just Choose Assassination E-Mail Or Vehicle Theft E-Mail), Mission (This app will show you a list of your recent Mission and if you click a mission, the mission that you click will be started, and if the mission already started and you want to abort it just click on the mission that you started), Camere, Video Editor, Option (Change Your Ringtone And Wallpaper).

Reward: $100, WHIZ Cellphone, Robbie's Number Can Be Found On Phonebook And Can Be Called As A Homie To Help You Out.

2.Return Of The Smoke, The Multi-Millionaire, And The Sweet

Alex Ask David To Escort Him To His Friend's House, Alex Says He Is The Big Part Of This Operation. When Reach Alex's Friend's House, A Fat, Black Skin Guy Come Out And Greet Alex, And Guess Who Was He, He Is The Big Smoke (Actually He Survived CJ's Shoots And Succeed To Escape From The Ballas Doom Building In Los Santos). After Alex And Big Smoke Discussing The Next Plan, Big Smoke Going To Take A Bunch Of Weapon Cache And David And Alex Want To Escort Him To The Shipment. On The Way, Some Goons Attacked David's Car, And Alex Ask Big Smoke To Smoke 'em, And Then Big Smoke See A Guy That He Know But He Forget, And Then He Shouts "CJ?!", And Then That Guy Shouts "SMOKE?! How Can You Still Alive?!", Yes, That Guy Is Carl Johnson. "SH*T!!" Shouts Big Smoke And He Keep Shooting CJ's Car. "Shit Alex, That Guy Is The Guy That I Talking About, We Must Run Faster!", And David Ask "Why You So Scared To Him Smoke?", "Because That Guy Almost Kill Me Years Ago, And Now He Has Powerfull Friends, Sh*t!".


1.Go To Big Smoke's House

2.Escape From CJ

3.Go To The Shipment (After Reach The Shipment, Big Smoke Take A Truck And Bring The Weapon Caches, And Alex And David Must Defend The Truck, Alex Will Drive And David Will Shoot)

4.Defend The Truck

After Succeed Reach Big Smoke's House, The Scene Will Change To CJ's House. CJ And Sweet Still Run GROVE, And They're Have Expand GROVE In Vice City And Liberty City, And The Grove Not A Small Time Street Gang Anymore, Now GROVE Is A Big Time Gang. Back To CJ And Sweet, They're Have Discuss GROVE Next Move, And CJ Want To The New Guy Of The Slashers (David) To Run In GROVE.

Reward: $200, Big Smoke Number Is Available On Phonebook And Can Be Called As A Homie To Help You Out.

3.The True Ruler Of VC

Meanwhile, In Vercetti's Mansion, Tommy Vercetti Is Seen Watching TV, And Then CJ Comes And Tell Him, About The Return Of The Slashers And About David. CJ Says Maybe David Must Run In GROVE (Now Vercetti Gang And GROVE Are Join Forces). Tommy Gives CJ A Suggestion, He Wants CJ To Kidnapped One Of Alex's Allies, And CJ Replies "Leave That To Me". Meanwhile in Alex's Penthouse, Robbie Came In, And Tell Alex, He Has Received A Letter From Someone, And That People Says Give It To Alex. And The Letter Says "If You Want To See Your Friend Again, Come To Old Abandon Factory. V".

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