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    Rocco in GTA V?

    February 24, 2013 by AidanMac123

    Rockstar has said that a few minor characters might appear in GTA V. At the end of TBoGT, if you call Rocco's voicemail, you will hear him say that he is leaving town. This is the last we hear of our (least) favorite guido. I have always thought that he will appear as a minor character/easter egg in GTA V. I get that he is not a "minor" character, but per GTA IV (not TBoGT/TLaD), he is minor/unseen. Obviously, Packie won't, because he is too major in IV. Anyone else think Rocco will appear? 

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  • AidanMac123

    I read somewhere that a few missions (Brucie's last two, Dwayne's, The Holland Play, and a few others) are not necessary to complete the story line. Is this true? I've always done them, so I wouldn't "know."

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