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Mayor's Wanted Car

Mayor's Wanted Car is a mission given to Carl Johnson by Cesar Vialpando from Doherty Garage, San Fierro.


CJ arrives to Doherty Garage, where meets Cesar Vialpando to talk about an important objective:

- Hey, Cesar! What's the problem!

- Look, man!

- A wanted poster?!

- It isn't only a wanted poster! Read more.

- Mayor's car? Wanted? Reward 100.000$ ?!

- Exactly! With that money, we can to pay the debts and remains and for us some money.

- I don't know! It will be difficult to found a wanted car. -

No problem, CJ! I have a friend which works in the police department. And he has access to the city video cameras.

- And?!

- He saw on the cameras three cars going out from the city. One went to Bone County, the second to Valle Ocultado and the last to Whetstone.

- And your friend delivered to you this info gratis.

- This is the problem! I need to pay 1000$ to him for this info. - Okay, let's go!

Step 1: Enter to Cesar's car.

Step 2: Go to Bone County.



- The first car went to Bone County.

- If that car isn't mayor's?

- We must to find the lasts cars.

...After they arrived...

- No, CJ! It isn't mayor's car. It's only a Sadler*. Let's go to Valle Ocultado.

Step 3: Go to Valle Ocultado.



...After they arrived...- Oh, shit! It's a Beater*!&nbsp

- Let's go!
Step 4: Go to Whetstone.

...After they arrived...

- Shit! The car is destroyed!

- It's necessary a Tow Truck.

- But where we can found it?

- I saw one on the junkyard. Go there and bring it here.

Step 5: Go to Angel Pine Junkyard to bring the Tow Truck.

Step 6: Return to Cesar.

- Great, CJ! Now, let's towing this car.


- Let's go back to the garage.

- Ya! This car needs so to be repaired.

Step 7: Return to Doherty Garage.

...After they arrived...

- Great job, CJ! I repaired the car, I delivered its to the mayor, and now we have the 100000$. And for us... 10.000$. This is your part, and this is my.

- Thank you, man! See you soon.

- Bye, CJ!


- 5000$

  • Sadle and Beater are the ghost cars.

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