Hey guys, let's talk about bikes now, you all know that motorcycles are awesome, since GTA Vice City, they are one of the major choices of vehicles in the series, but okay, which bikes are your favorite bikes in the series?

My favorite bikes:

GTA Vice City - AngelPCJ-600 and Faggio

GTA San Andreas - FCR-900SanchezNRG-500Quadbike and Freeway

GTA Vice City Stories - WinterGreenStreetfighter and Ventoso

Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes From Liberty City - ZombieFreewayRevenantDaemonWolfsbaneLycan, HexerInnovationHakuchouBati 800AkumaPCJ-600, Sanchez and Faggio

Grand Theft Auto V - HakuchouDaemonBati 800InnovationBagger and Hot Rod Blazer

Your turn guys