As i've seen many users talking about their favorite protagonists, I decided to create a blog asking your favorite protagonist and the reason why you prefer him over all of them, well, my favorite protagonist is:

Tommy Vercetti - He is unlike Claude, Niko, Luis and Franklin, he is one of a few protagonists who gives orders to other people rather than the other way around, he is the big boss, the emperor of Vice City, he started GTA Vice City's story as a random Forelli family member, after doing a few jobs, he decided to take over everything by killing Diaz, after that, he became the big boss, owned many fronts and nobody could stop him anymore, the Forellis could now go to hell and Tommy could do whatever the f*ck he wanted to do, his personality is very similar to that of Tony Montana's and because all of this, he is definitely my favorite protagonist, better than CJ, Niko and Trevor...

Now your turn guys.