• Avataar32

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City II


    Five years after Niko Bellic put away his troubles in GTA IV, Roman Bellic's past once again brings them trouble when a mob boss from Roman's early days in America awakens from a coma Roman put him in, is out to get revenge, he returns to Liberty City to make Roman pay for the $500,000,000 that he stole from the mob boss, Pete Vercetti, nephew of the late great Tommy Vercetti. Niko uses his ticket he planned to use for himself, a free 3-day weekend trip to San Andreas to help Mallorie, Roman, and their girl Kate Bellic to escape in a car chase across Liberty City. But the San Andreas flight is all booked up and the only avaliable flight is to Vice City. Niko barely sneaks onto the cargo transpo…

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  • Avataar32

    The Rules OF GTA V

    May 2, 2011 by Avataar32
    • Phil Cassidy is now a millionare by owning the Ammu-Nation stores.
    • Marice Chavez is back as the host of VCPR and one mission involves you having to protect him.
    • You still have the phone option to do cheats on and you continue even if you are injured.
    • You have an option to run if busted by the cops in cars.
    • You can get haircuts and tattoos again.
    • The story will have more humor and will be lighter in graphics, not the plot though.
    • The fun cheats like RIOT, NEVER WANTED, HYDRA SPAWN, PARACHUTE, JETPACK (thanks to CJ) and more.
    • You can own gangs like in GTA:VCS and control the city, one gang at a time.
    • The game should have over 200 missions, including over 70 side missions.
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  • Avataar32
    Grand Theft Auto 5

    It should be set in modern day and you’re the nephew of Tommy Vercetti who is an old and dying man who stopped his criminal empire and became an honest man and you and he escape from Vice City after the gangs from all around take control and make a corrupt government. You and Tommy travel to San Andreas and meet up with CJ and discover that Ken died of drug overdose, now you make friends with CJ and Sweet and they make you part of their gang that is still running strong. You and CJ take down some corrupt cops and gangs and travel all around San Andreas while building up your experience. Tommy dies of old age three months later and you are saddened by his death and promise to get revenge and bring out the corruption in Vi…

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