Grand Theft Auto: Vice City II


Five years after Niko Bellic put away his troubles in GTA IV, Roman Bellic's past once again brings them trouble when a mob boss from Roman's early days in America awakens from a coma Roman put him in, is out to get revenge, he returns to Liberty City to make Roman pay for the $500,000,000 that he stole from the mob boss, Pete Vercetti, nephew of the late great Tommy Vercetti. Niko uses his ticket he planned to use for himself, a free 3-day weekend trip to San Andreas to help Mallorie, Roman, and their girl Kate Bellic to escape in a car chase across Liberty City. But the San Andreas flight is all booked up and the only avaliable flight is to Vice City. Niko barely sneaks onto the cargo transport and sneaks on the plane, on a long flight to Florida. When they land, Niko escapes the VCPD by jumping out the bathroom, falling in the ocean near Starfish Island (now called Blowfish Isle).


Niko survives the fall and swims to shore, sneaking into a porn star's house. He is caught and arrested by a pair of corrupt Vice City cops, Officer Roberts & Captain Laden. They knock him out and throw him in the trunk, dropping him off at the edge of Vice City, the Red Rocket Lighthouse. Niko wakes up and gets out of the lighthouse, calling Roman to ask where he is. Roman tells him they him and Mallorie are stuck in Downtown (now called Uptown), and all bridges are locked off because they believe Niko is a terrorist who planned to bomb the plane. Roman reminds him that he has friends everywhere and tells Niko that he can find work with an old friend, Roberto Towning, a young, obnoxious, and rich playboy who secretly operates a drug cartel with Little Haiti's gangs. Niko, despite his hatred of drugs, realizes that he can earn enough money to bribe police to let him cross islands and get to Uptown. After doing many jobs, including killing a rival gang leader, watching over Towning's drug deals, and stealing cars with drugs in the trunk, you finally gain $5000, bribing the police captain and finally arriving in Uptown.


Roman, Mallorie and Kate have settled down in an apartment complex and Roman makes a deal to work with Vice CIty's taxi service, once again enabling Niko to call a taxi whenever he wants. But the VCPD discover through airport footage that Niko snuck on the plane and the police are on a manhunt. Niko becomes outraged and beats up Roman for ruining Niko's life once again, tearing Roman's house apart and gain the attention of the biker gangs, the Mares. The Mares recongnize Roman from when he caused their leader to be thrown in jail and they capture Mallorie and her daughter Kate. Roman and Niko put aside their differences and team up to rescue the girls. The two engage in a firefight with the Mares and attract the attention of the VCPD. The VCPD handle the problem while Roman rescues his family, VCPD arrest Niko and he allows Roman and his family to escape. At the police station, Niko discovers that someone actually did plant a bomb on the plane but Niko is blamed for the crime. But then, Captain Laden bails out Niko by saying that he will help the captain investigate the terrorist attack and find the real culprit.


Captain Laden gets Niko out of jail and forces him to do Laden's dirty work or else he'll blame his corrupt activities on Niko. Roman calls Niko and tells him that he is extremely sorry for all he's done, Niko says it will take some time for them to make up but Niko is still extremely angry. Niko performs many different jobs for Laden such as, chasing down robbers, staging a drug deal, street racing undercover and stealing codes for the armory. Niko grows tire of being treated like a dog and demands that Laden let him loose. Laden believes Niko to be no threat as he holds a short leash on him. Niko is helpless against the captain's power.


After a month, Niko has developed a fake bond of trust with Laden and the police force (which means for a short time, Niko won't get in trouble with police with things like bumping cars, knocking them over, or punching pedestrians). Little Jacob travels by boat with Brucie and they meet Niko, wondering why he and Roman left without saying anything. Niko tells them why and it is revealed that Brucie's car dealership had gone bankrupt and he and Little Jacob became friends. Niko buys a safehouse near the beach and lets Little Jacob share it with him. Brucie stays with his mother who lives in Little Haiti, where he starts a fitness business. Niko visits Roman and finds out that Pete Vercetti is returning to Vice City shortly and sends Niko to stall for time. Niko kills Vercetti's assitants and misleads them to believe that Roman has escaped to London. But Vercetti claims its too much work and still plans to return. Meanwhile, Laden's drug habit has caused him to became a target of assassination, forcing Laden to start a drug war in order to survive. Niko once again meets Roberto Townsend and offers Niko and Little Jacob jobs, making Niko work on both sides of the corrupt.


Niko goes to visit Brucie, who's fitness gym has become a big success in Vice City and is ready to expand. Brucie tells Niko that he better get his figure in shape if he's to face off threats in the city. Niko begins to work out and gets in shape. He also helps Roman battle his gambling addiction by winning in a few games of poker and having Roman never worry about money as long as he uses it right. Little Jacob helps Niko in his jobs with Laden and together they discover that the mayor is planning on making Vice City the nation's drug central. Laden finally let's Niko go and Laden is promoted to second-in-command of the police force. Laden arrests the mayor and becomes a hero, with no mention of help from Niko or Little Jacob. He doesn't mind since the bridges are back open. But Pete Vercetti has finally arrived in Vice City and has sources tell him that Roman is hiding somewhere in the city. Now, the hunt is on...


Pete Vercetti is searching for Roman, making Niko force them both into hiding, with Mallorie and Kate in protection with Brucie's mother. Niko has had enough hiding and goes to confront Pete and end this feud once and for all. Niko accidently ends up becoming a personal assassin for the Vercetti Gang, but it serves the perfect way to get revenge on Pete. Under a different name, Niko works undercover, removing evidence that could lead to Roman and giving Roman warnings when Pete is close by. He completes many jobs with exceptional work, gaining the trust of now THREE bosses of gangs. Captain Laden becomes aware of Niko's involvment with Vercetti and threatens to blame the plane bomb on Roman. To protect the ones he loves, Niko must work again with Laden, further boosting his heroic career. Niko gets in a firefight with Townsend in the Vice Point Mall (now called Hard Point Mall) where Townsend thinks Niko is secretly stealing the drugs, ending in his death. Returning to Pete, Niko gets the job he was dreading since the beginning, KILL ROMAN BELLIC.


Niko runs back to Roman's house and finally asks the big question: How did Roman get all that money and where did it all go? Roman reveals that back in 2006, he had a quick detour to Vice City and got involved in the Vercetti Empire. He asked for a loan of $10,000 and made a fortune off his cab business with the help of cheating at card games and stealing from the bank. When the money was returned to Vercetti,it turned out to be counterfeit and Roman left Vice City with the winnings, never to be seen again. Roman didn't mean to lie about getting girls, fast cars, and living in a mansion, that all was about to happen but Roman lost it all in an unforunate drunken game of poker in which he was kicked out for being drunk and getting in a fight with police, with the gamblers taking all his money. Roman then got involved with Vlad and the mob, starting another cab business and life staying that way until NIko first arrived in Liberty City. Niko is outraged by learning Roman's untold dark past and tells Roman that he is tired of taking care of his problems, leaving Roman to face the Vercetti Empire by himself.

              PART NINE- DOWNFALL

Little Jacob convinces Niko to make up with Roman, since they both know he won't stand a chance against Pete. Before they ride off, a news report states that Pete Vercetti, long-suspected mob boss along with Captain Laden have revealed on film, Niko Bellic illegally boarding a plane in Liberty City and planting a bomb on it. Little Jacob goes off to find Laden's partner, Officer Eric Roberts while Niko escapes from his apartment house by jumping across rooftops and evading police, ending up in Little Havana, a slum town crawling with Cuban and Puerto-Rican gangs. Little Jacob brings Officer Roberts to Niko where they interrogate him, finding out that Captain Laden was working with the Vercetti Gang all along, waiting for the moment to propel him to fame. Roberts secretly contacts the VCPD and almost gets Niko and Jacob killed, resulting in the death of Roberts and injuring Little Jacob to the point of death. Niko escapes Little Havana and ends up back at the lighthouse, where the problems all began. Niko finds Roman being tortured by Pete Vercetti inside the lighthouse (which is larger and has four levels of rooms, with Roman on the top floor), Niko kills Pete and rescues Roman, as they escape from the lighthouse, killing Vercetti's men on each floor. When they're about to escape Vice City, Brucie arrives from Little Jacob's call for help, accidently calling the cops, with Laden in command.


Niko hides Little Jacob and Roman while Brucie and him set off a diversion which involves using Brucie's just-bought C-4 covered-Comet to ram into a police blockade. Niko and Brucie face off against the VCPD and the rest of Vercetti's men. They run to a helicopter pad where Brucie takes flight, with Niko battling three police Mavericks, ending in the death of Brucie, with Niko barely surviving a jump off the helicopter and landing on a sand bank. Niko finally has a one-on-one battle with Laden, cruising across the Vice Beach coast and crashing into a pier, with Laden destroying the Lighthouse with an RPG. Niko takes Roman and Little Jacob across Little Havana and stopping at the airport, with Laden, the VCPD, Cuban drug dealers and Vercetti's remaining men behind him. After stealing a bike, Niko hops across planes and crashing the drug dealers and gangs member into bulidings and a plane gas station. Niko once again faces Laden on top of a plane that is ironically taking off to Liberty City. They have a shoot-out as the plane begins take off with Laden and Niko still hanging on, and Laden reveals that he was the person who planted the bomb all along. Noticing that this is the same plane, Niko is able to evacuate the pilots and passengers, beating Laden to the brink of death as the autopilot takes the plane to the sky. Laden realizes that he planted secret charges on the plane that would activate when it hit 500 feet. Niko jumps off and lands in the water, just in time to see the plane blow up into oblivion with Laden with it. The VCPD apprehend Niko and he reveals all the things Laden had told him, later finding proof that he was working with Pete Vercetti and real footage showing Laden planting the charges. Niko is cleared of his crimes, Roman and Little Jacob are better, Brucie is revealed to have survived, at the expense of his middle finger, and Niko is able to find peace in Vice City, with his friends and family safe. His story is complete.

                                                                THE END