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The Rules OF GTA V

  • Phil Cassidy is now a millionare by owning the Ammu-Nation stores.
  • Marice Chavez is back as the host of VCPR and one mission involves you having to protect him.
  • You still have the phone option to do cheats on and you continue even if you are injured.
  • You have an option to run if busted by the cops in cars.
  • You can get haircuts and tattoos again.
  • The story will have more humor and will be lighter in graphics, not the plot though.
  • The fun cheats like RIOT, NEVER WANTED, HYDRA SPAWN, PARACHUTE, JETPACK (thanks to CJ) and more.
  • You can own gangs like in GTA:VCS and control the city, one gang at a time.
  • The game should have over 200 missions, including over 70 side missions.

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