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GTA V on its Way?

Babyjabba February 28, 2011 User blog:Babyjabba
We all know its coming...the only question is when! According to, GTA fans might have reason to rejoice very soon!

GP uncovered two interesting pieces of evidence that might point to GTA 5's imminent arrival. First, "a number of suspicious-sounding domains have been registered." Second, "a stuntman's resume listed Grand Theft Auto V as one of the projects he had worked on." And the biggest piece of evidence came after these two were reported... Someone went to a lot of trouble to cover up said evidence!

When the story originally broke, the domain names in question were:, SixFigureTemps.Com, LifeInvader.Com, StopPayingYourMortgage.Net and They were all registered to either Take-Two or Rockstar and now are registered under the name Network Solutions.... a company that specializes in protecting the privacy of domain name registrants by providing alternate contact details to the otherwise-public WHOIS database.

And as for the stunt-man, Declan Mulvey's resume on IMDB listed motion capture work for "Grand Theft Auto V," which has since been removed. When Mulvey was quizzed about GTA 5 he claimed that it was a typo, that has since been corrected. But, though his resume has a lot of gaming stunt work, there is no mention of Grand Theft Auto IV...

So decide for yourselves gamers, is Rockstar trying to cover there tracks? Or is there another explanation?

Source: GamePro

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