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    Sammyrock0087 recently came up with a very great wishlist of vehicle ideas. Shoutouts to him, as he gave me some shoutouts as well. I made a list of my own in the comments section of his blog, but it'd be too extensive if I kept composing or extending the already large list of car ideas, so I made my own page with my list. Some of you may have already seen this list on his page, but I made slight changes and I'm also extending it as well. For this segment, I started with American brands. European and Japanese brands will be made on separate blogs. As always, feel free to share.

    Declasse (Chevrolet)

    • Savanna - 1964 Impala (2 Door)
    • Savanna DS - 1996 Impala SS
    • Chumash - 7th/8th Generation Malibu 
    • Alpine - Tahoe/GMC Yukon GMT900
    • Vigero LS1 - 5th-Gen …
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    I just keep having ideas flowing and flowing inside my head, and it'd feel wrong NOT to share among my fellow users. I composed a list of in-game names of real-life Vegas hotels and casinos that I'd like to see if R* were to make a modern Las Venturas. Some are obvious from the previous rendition and others are thought out. As always, feel free to share you opinions and lists of your own.

    • The Pink Swan (Flamingo)
    • Savanna Hotel and Casino (Sahara, will become SLS Las Vegas later this fall)
    • Ligure (Riviera)
    • Copacabana (Tropicana Hotel/Casino)
    • Caligula's Palace (Ceasar's Palace)
    • The Ringmaster (Circus Circus, was also the beta name for The Clown's Pocket)
    • The High Roller (Bally's)
    • Hoorah's (Harrah's)
    • Regal Casino (Casino Royale)
    • Starfish Hotel and Casi…
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    Just felt like sharing a list of cities that I think should be featured in future GTA titles. I also came up with names on ones that haven't been featured. The first few I name are gonna be obvious but the rest should hopefully be quite interesting  fellow users here. and feel free to share your opinions of course.

    • San Fierro (San Fran)
    • Las Venturas (Vegas)
    • Vice City (Miami)
    • Carcer City (Detroit)
    • Mosswood (Oakland)
    • San Delmar (San Diego, name also has influence of Del Mar)
    • Highland (Houston, name also a sly reference to Beavis and Butthead)
    • Novelle Bayou (New Orleans)
    • Peachtree (Atlanta)
    • Jefferson (Philadelphia)
    • Chesapeke (Baltimore)
    • Winthrop (Boston)
    • Chicagoua (Chicago)
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    DLC Vehicle Wishlist

    February 6, 2014 by BigJ1992

    Any vehicles and aircraft you'd like to see in a DLC? Anything ranging from past GTA games to other Rockstar games to real-life vehicles yet to be seen? As always, feel free to share.

    I'd love to see cars from the first two Midnight Club games be re-introduced, such as:

    Dinka models: Citi (EG Civic), Torrida (DC2 Integra), Interna (S2K), and Citi Turbo (Civic Si)

    Vulcar models: Emu (Passat) and Fripon X (Golf GTI)

    Bravado model: Jersey XS (Viper GTS)

    Maibatsu model: Knight (Evo)

    Annis model: RSMC 15 (350z)

    Karin models: Vortex 5 (MR2), Saikou and Saikou XS (Both based on Supras)

    We need a GTA version of Mazda: Monstruo (RX7)

    Pegassi model: Monsoni (Ducati 748)

    I want to also see the Hakuchou and the 2-Door Sultan again.

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  • BigJ1992

    Radio Station DLC Part III

    January 29, 2014 by BigJ1992

    I also had some other song ideas to add on to the current stations in GTA V

    East Los FM:

    • Selena- Como La Flor (1992)
    • Jenni Rivera- Ya Lo Se (2009)
    • Espinoza Paz- Para No Perderte (2011)
    • Vicente Fernandez- La Derrota (2008)
    • Los Bukis- Tu Carcel (1987)
    • Marco Antonio Solis- O Me Voy o Te Vas (2001)
    • Calle 13 ft Don Cheto- Pal Norte (Remix) (2008)
    • La Sonora Dinamita- Mi Cucu (1981?)

    FlyLo FM:

    • Childish Gambino - III. Telegraph Ave (Oakland by Lloyd) (2013)
    • Childish Gambino ft Azealia Banks - II. Earth: The Oldest Computer (The Last Night) (2013)

    Non Stop Pop FM:

    • Justin Timberlake ft Timbaland- Sexy Back (2006)
    • Nelly Furtado- Say It Right (2006)
    • Rick Astley- Never Gonna Give You Up (1987)
    • N'Sync- Bye,Bye, Bye (1999)
    • Christina Aguilera- A'int No Other Man (2006)
    • Ushe…

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