Just felt like sharing a list of cities that I think should be featured in future GTA titles. I also came up with names on ones that haven't been featured. The first few I name are gonna be obvious but the rest should hopefully be quite interesting  fellow users here. and feel free to share your opinions of course.

  • San Fierro (San Fran)
  • Las Venturas (Vegas)
  • Vice City (Miami)
  • Carcer City (Detroit)
  • Mosswood (Oakland)
  • San Delmar (San Diego, name also has influence of Del Mar)
  • Highland (Houston, name also a sly reference to Beavis and Butthead)
  • Novelle Bayou (New Orleans)
  • Peachtree (Atlanta)
  • Jefferson (Philadelphia)
  • Chesapeke (Baltimore)
  • Winthrop (Boston)
  • Chicagoua (Chicago)