Any vehicles and aircraft you'd like to see in a DLC? Anything ranging from past GTA games to other Rockstar games to real-life vehicles yet to be seen? As always, feel free to share.

I'd love to see cars from the first two Midnight Club games be re-introduced, such as:

Dinka models: Citi (EG Civic), Torrida (DC2 Integra), Interna (S2K), and Citi Turbo (Civic Si)

Vulcar models: Emu (Passat) and Fripon X (Golf GTI)

Bravado model: Jersey XS (Viper GTS)

Maibatsu model: Knight (Evo)

Annis model: RSMC 15 (350z)

Karin models: Vortex 5 (MR2), Saikou and Saikou XS (Both based on Supras)

We need a GTA version of Mazda: Monstruo (RX7)

Pegassi model: Monsoni (Ducati 748)

I want to also see the Hakuchou and the 2-Door Sultan again.