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Vehicle Wishlist: PT. II

Sammyrock0087 recently came up with a very great wishlist of vehicle ideas. Shoutouts to him, as he gave me some shoutouts as well. I made a list of my own in the comments section of his blog, but it'd be too extensive if I kept composing or extending the already large list of car ideas, so I made my own page with my list. Some of you may have already seen this list on his page, but I made slight changes and I'm also extending it as well. For this segment, I started with American brands. European and Japanese brands will be made on separate blogs. As always, feel free to share.

Declasse (Chevrolet)

Willard (Buick)

Vapid (Ford)

Windsor (Saleen/Shelby ) *New Brand

Bravado (Dodge)

Cheval (Chevy/Holden)

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